just watched sophie's choice for the first time

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  1. and i can't stop crying.
  2. I saw it years ago, it was so sad.
  3. I have never seen it...whats it about?
  4. it's got a great cast- meryl streep is the lead and after this role, she is by far the most talented actress i've seen. it goes between 1947 and the holocaust and what meryl streep's character's life at that time- and what it's done to her. 2 1/2 hours, and it comes down to one major scene. def. worth seeing.
  5. Just seeing the movie's name in your post makes me cry!
  6. haunted me, I still dont like even hearing the name of the movie :sad:

    too too sad
  7. ack! so sad! :crybaby:

    my mom said she'd rather die than do that!
  8. I read the book first, really good. Then watching the movie was like the book in fast forward. I think I would have enjoyed both more if I had seen the movie first, then read the book.
  9. My Mum told me what it's about and it sounds really sad. She's always telling me to watch it, when I can't decide what film to pick, but I don't think I could face it!
  10. Read the book, it is way better!
  11. I saw that movie years ago.

    It was so poignant, I haven't been able to watch it since.

    The actors are terrific. The story line is a gripper.

    But the ending is heart rending. I just can't go through that again. Too real.
  12. I read the book. It hurt me so much to realize finally what 'Sophie's Choice' was.