Just watched a great family movie with the kids that depressed the heck outta us!

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  1. We just finished watching "Marley and Me"! My kids were saying: "Look at the two of them. They're like magnets" - Jennifer Anniston and Owen Wilson were kissing throughout the movie. Then my son said "oh no they're gonna have sex again!" "I never wanna have sex!" (10 year old twins ;)) All was great until the ending.

    Now I had to kiss my kids goodnight and we were all in tears.:crybaby:Our little girl, my avatar is going to turn 12 in March and it gives me the chills! You give your dog your heart and then it breaks!

    The good news is the kids!!!:yahoo:
  2. ohh.. ihaven't watched the movie but after reading u r comments.. its a must watch...
  3. I could never watch the old Benji movies.....ever.....
  4. I was a sobbing, blubbering idiot by the end of that movie...:crybaby:
  5. i can't watch it. ever.
  6. I can't watch dog movies ever. They make me cry. Kids on the other hand say the funniest thing.
  7. So was i and unfortunatly for me, i was sitting on an airplane!!! Me and my boyfriend went on vacation to Cuba a few months ago and we had to sit across from each other. So here i am watching bits and pieces from this movie (the worst part is i didn't even have headphones on!) and i'm silently sobbing and shaking. I turn to look at my boyfriend and he's shaking his head and mouthing what's wrong with you? Luckily the two girls next to me were crying too so i wasn't the only one! The stewardess took one look at me and said are you ok? Can i get you a drink? I could barely whisper "gingerale, please!". OMG that movie is heartbreaking and i didn't even hear a damn word of it! I really lost it when the kids watched old family movies and they visited the grave. I put down my cat 2 years ago who was 14 so all those old feelings rushed back. On my flight to Cuba! I had to cover my face to make it not so noticable.
  8. i can't watch this movie. i was sort stuck listening to it over xmas break at my brother's because my family was watching it. I pretended like i was taking a nap so i could hide my face! just hearing the sad parts made me want to bawl
  9. yeah this movie made me cry tear jerker for sure
  10. I cried so hard during that movie that I think I scared my DF! :lol:
  11. I've never understood the appeal of a movie that makes me cry. That's not entertainment to me! I can watch the nightly news and cry; I go to a movie to feel good, not to come out crying. So most "great" movies just aren't for me, and I doubt I will ever watch this one!
  12. I don't think I will ever be able to watch this or even read the book. I get so emotional about animals. I've been that way since I was little. My mother stopped letting me watch Lassie at one point because I'd cry through the entire show!
  13. yes, it is very sad, but very enlightening. it shows how a pet can really impact a family and their lives. which imo, is a good thing!

    regardless, it was a great movie.

    omg, totally! i used to bawl during those benji movies. memories.
  14. I cried like a baby at the end.

    Luckily, men are allowed to cry when dogs die and when their sports teams lose.
  15. I can't watch this movie! I'm an animal lover and I'm really sensitive about them - I usually forbid animal movies to be shown in my presence. Hell I've hurdled the couch to flip the channel when those SPCA commercials with the Sarah McLachlan music come on!