Just watched a film on an execution, why do people watch these?

  1. OMG I never ever watch films like this but there was nothing else on, dunno why I pay for Sky TV, rarely any decent movies.
    Anyway this so creeped me out, I actually feel sick now. I found myself visualising what it would be like to be going to my own death!
    Why do people watch these movies? They are so incredibly sad!
    I was chatting to a friend on the phone, telling her how horrible I felt she said her husband loves them. I think this is so weird.
    Does anyone have any views on this or am I just too sensitive?
  2. I don't know exactly what you mean... like death row in a foreign country??? A documentary???

    I have seen some things on the death penalty here in the US & also on the hanging of Hussein. It is very upsetting.

    Your friends husband enjoys them???
  3. I decided I was against the death penalty after watching The Green Mile.
  4. Im a SUCKER for these kind of shows...I can not help myself. I think its lack of knowledge on my part and I want to learn...I may not agree and it may make me sick but I HAVE to watch...there are alot of shows on A&E that scare the living day lights out of me but I HAVE to watch them. I appreciate looking at things I do not know and also different points of view. I hope this makes since!
  5. ^^ I know what you mean, Sunshine. I don't watch death penalty shows, but I do watch the real life surgery shows on TLC, even though I get sometimes get grossed out.

    The wonders of modern medicine these days, I tell you . . . .

    When there was a story in People Magazine about that woman who testified in the trial against those boys that did something horrible to a puppy, I had to find out exactly what happened. Even though it really upset me, I wanted to find out more than what the article alluded to. (I also wanted to know what kind of sentence those monsters ended up getting.)
  6. I LOVE plastic surgery shows...just love them!! (big fan of such things) however, life in a maximum security prison, or such things FREAK me out and scare the *hit out of me. I still watch them though! Then if my husband is not home I get scared !! Its like a scary movie for me!! lol
  7. Executions. Hmm.. Prevalent here in Texas. Saw the Saddam video. Very creepy. Don't really want to see one. But I cannot say I am against it. Too bad it is not more of a deterent.
  8. Oh I saw that film also it was a real tear jerker, I am totally TOTALLY aginst the death penalty!
  9. Not a documentary a film!

    Yes my friend says that her DH is obsessed with anything to do with the death penalty, freaky IMHO!
  10. I can't watch plastic surgeries, but facial reconstruction, separation of conjoined twins . . . those things are cool.

    Once, I saw this surgery where this guy was having a tumor removed from his heart. They hooked him up to an artificial heart, then let his ECG machine just flatline. Then they completely removed his heart from his body to cut off the tumor. Once they removed what they needed, they put the heart back into his body and reattatched it and closed him up. He made a complete recovery.

    I was home for Christmas in my room watching the Sadam execution. I willed myself to keep watching, wondering just how far the video will go. They only showed up until the part where they put a black cloth around his neck and then put the noose on. They didn't show anything after that.

    (And then the next day, they showed clips of Sadam's body being covered by a sheet.)
  11. I'm not sure The Green Mile is a good representative of who is on Death Row these days (JMHO!!! :smile: ). Regardless I couldn't say I could forgive anyone who murdered in cold blood my mother, father, sibling, etc. Again, jmho and I am NOT in that situation now.
  12. That sounds odd to say a movie changed my mind about the death penalty, but it made me question whether or not the death penalty is really a good idea.

    So I guess you could say I eventually came to the conclusion that I was against it from that movie.
  13. It would depend on the story. If the execution scene was relevant then yes, I would watch it.
  14. I couldn't watch a video of a live execution.

    But I was fascinated by the London Dungeon.
  15. I think that one murder does not justify another!