Just watched '17 Again'....

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  1. AND I LOVED IT. :nuts:

    It's the first Zac Efron movie I've ever seen and I am seriously impressed. Instead of being this really, really pretty face, Zac Efron is also really likable and just an all around great actor. The storyline is like 'Big' meets "Back To the Future", which means it has a fanciful plot but the fact that it's very sweet and endearing is what reels you in. It's well-acted, the jokes are funny and it's a classy teen movie (that adults will love) that doesn't go over the top.

    If you haven't seen this movie you should. It's super good! I totally loved it. :woohoo:
  2. I thought the movie was just so-so, but I definitely agree that Zac was great. He gets teased a lot by the media for being a pretty boy with good hair, but I really do think he is talented...and pleasant to look at for sure. :smile:
  3. I caught this film last weekend and was pleasantly surprised! Great cinema it is not but an entertaining movie it is! It also was my first Zach sighting and I was really impressed by him. No Laurence Olivier or Sean Penn but he does have that star quality. Great eye candy too!
  4. I love this movie! Zac Efron could do a documentary about sloths and I would watch it :love:
    Edit to Add: As long as he was in it, of course ;)
  5. Honestly, before I watched this that's all I thought of him. I'm glad he proved me wrong! I'm totally buying this movie now so DH can watch it. :smile:
  6. ^Lol, let us know how it goes. I caught it on TV too.
  7. I saw this last night and liked it - it definatly changed my opinion of him. All I ever really thought of him was in HS Musical.
  8. i liked the move the teen girl was dumb why would you date a boy who picks on your brother thats your brother stick up for him.
  9. i loved this movie as well. zac efron is hot :smile: haha.
  10. Mia Bella......... My 32 year old DD and I watched it together, and thought it was adorable. One of our favorite scenes......in the very beginning when he does the dance routine with the cheerleaders at the basketball game. :lolots:
  11. I watched this movie for the Matthew Perry factor. He is so adorable but then I am an old lady in her mid-30's who could probably be Zac Efron's mom!
  12. LOL!! I have so many favorite little parts because Zac Efron has great delivery when it comes to the jokes. Like when he's dancing with the Mom and the kid sees and he's like, "Yeah, she so....old...." and then he walks away. Then the kid asks, "Do you always dance with your friends Moms?" "Yeah, pretty much." :lol:

    And all the times he lectures the kids about sex and being good. He puts his foot up on a chair and acts so dad-like. OH man, so funny.

    I think it's a great movie for adults too! And I'm 27 and worried when I first started watching it because I thought it would be HSM-esque.
  13. I really liked it also-I actually told my entire family they had to see it. I think Zac did an excellent job channeling Matthew Perry, and vice-versa.
  14. I loved it too! when I saw it in the movies.

    I know nothing about that actor but I thought he did a great job of emulating an older person in a younger body, and whatever Matthew Perry would do.
    Plus his friend - the geek who grew up to be wealthy.
    The movie was lots of fun.
  15. I laughed my head off during this movie. I really, really liked it - which surprised me (I wasn't expecting much). Zac was great - never over the top. And I came out of the movie with a huge crush on him. He seems really sweet. I hope he does more movies in the future.