Just wanted to wish you...

  1. Hi fellow Pfers!!!!
    tomorrow in the morning I'm leaving for Paris, i'll stay there for a week and then i'm going to the mountains...and i won't take my laptop with me:crybaby: :crybaby:

    So this is the last time i see you for a while....i don't know if i will be able to log in every now and then just to greet you all...i really wish!!!:hysteric: :shrugs:

    But still i want to wish a WONDERFUL summer(ehm...August)to all you ladies!!!have fun&relax, and don't buy too many handbags while i'm away!!!!:nuts: :angel:

    See you in September!!

    Love, Mischa:heart:

  2. Buy Mischa, Have a wonderful time.

    I will miss your post's.

    Take care. :heart:
  3. Have a safe trip and a lovely time!:heart: See you in Sept!:flowers:
  4. Wow, Paris! And the mountains! What a great trip. Have a terrific time.
  5. Sounds lovely!! I hope its nice and relaxing!
  6. Sounds like fun.....be safe and take pics
  7. ohhh Mischa, hope you have the fabest time. Bon Voyage, and shop in Paris for us too :biggrin:

    Take care and stay safe, and above all have the greatest holiday :smile:
  8. Have fun and stay safe!!!
  9. How fun! Have a safe trip! We'll miss ya girl!
  10. have an absolutely wonderful time! Paris is one of my alltime favorite cities! watch out for those french guys! they are worse than american guys. hell,,,,,they're just GUYS!
  11. Have fun and be safe. What a great trip. See you in Sept.:yes:
  12. Have a nice trip!
  13. bye. have a wonderful and safe trip. looking forward to your return and hopefully to see your posted pictures.
  14. Have a great trip, mischa!