just wanted to sob a little. just a little.

  1. I keep checking my outlet for the clay (or citron) shoulder bag and have my name on the wish list (which they NEVER refer to anyway)... so I went back last night and one of the associates told me that not all the bag styles make it to our outlet. She said that some styles are kept at the boutiques and just sold at the markdown price there so she said that may be the case with the shoulder bag. She referred me to call the Hyatt store. I just called them now and the SA said they're not showing any clay or citron shoulder bags in any of their Hawaii stores. :sad:

    I've always watched e-Bay for them (I want the bag at a good price, though), but now I know it's my ONLY choice... *sigh*

    Okay, that's my mini (very mini) sob story. Haha. :p
  2. I am sorry....maybe you will find one on eBay. Keep your fingers crossed!
  3. I will!! Yesterday was my birthday and my bf wants to buy the bag for me... but I don't want him to pay the BIN prices that are up. I want the bag very much, but not for those prices.
  4. I hope you find the bag you want. I went through a similar problem with finding and Ali. But I did finally get the bag I wanted so I hope you will too. I know a lot of people have been able to do a charge send from another outlet. Maybe you would have some luck with this...
  5. I picked one up at a outlet in California and it cost me $250 with tax. Good luck finding your shoulder bag!