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  1. I got a gold colored 30/60 GB IPOD case for 14.99 at the TJ Maxx. (I hope it's not fake!) I think its an older model as the screen is a little smaller than I need, but still! I don't use the video screen that much!
  2. if the screen is too small, wouldn't it be for the photo ipod (4g?)

    but, hey, for $15- awesome!
  3. Wow, you got a great deal. I would love to see pics.
  4. Congrats.
  5. Great deal.
  6. ^^Thanks! I couldn't believe it myself. I would post pics, but no digi camera. :Push:
  7. yep good deal. i was going to get the striped legacy video case ($115) for one of my christmas gifts but it didn't come with a screen protector =(
  8. Great price! :nuts:
  9. If you're concerned about protecting the screen there are places that sell thin clear protectors that cover the whole front of your ipod. Then you could still use the case!
  10. Bring Ti To A Coach Store, Preferable Withthe Receipt, They Will Authenticate It For You.
    Tj Maxx Has Made A Few Headlines Re:selling Fakes. Supposedly, They 'got A Good Deal From The Factory'. But They Turned Out To Be Counterfeits. Not All Of Them, Though, B/c Some Were Real. Just A Comment, Maybe You Will Look Into It, Maybe Not. But Congrats On That. Love Those Things! Can't Bring Myself To Pay Retail For One!