Just wanted to share!

  1. My aunt made me this super-duper cute purse charm! I love it. It's all swarovski crystals. I get little cute figurines every for Christmas, my brithday, and sometimes inbetween, but this one is just perfect for me! :biggrin::love: It looks fabulous on my Balenciaga so I took some pictures today to share with you guys! :flowers:
  2. WOW!!! That is beautiful! It looks great on your bag....your auntie is very talented :smile:

    I love it.....so tiny & cute!
  3. Yowsa! What a beautiful, gorgeous charm your aunt made! I love it!
  4. Wow it's so cute! I really want a charm now!
  5. i love it!!!!:love:
  6. Very cute! Looks great on the white bbag!
  7. Awww...that looks so cute on your White First!!! :heart: it!!
  8. Wow! The swarovski charm is gorgeous!!:yes:
  9. Ahhh:love: That is just adorable. And so thoughtful of your aunt:heart:
  10. thoughtful and cute to boot!
  11. SO CUTE!

    Oh and jennifer, I am so jealous. I just got hit with a craving for a white balenciaga... AH. Must. Find. One. NOW!

    Your collection is growing like crazy, girl! You must be so happy!
  12. 0o0o0o, thats TOTALLY cute!!!
  13. Very cute!! Looks great on your bag!
  14. too cute!
  15. Thank you everyone!! I was just out to lunch with my auntie :smile: I convinced her that she should sell these because I think every girl would love a great purse charm! I've been scouring ebay for them and the only ones that I thought were slightly appealing were the bag candy from Tarina Tarantino, but they seem a little too "trendy" for my taste. She's going to give me a smaller purse charm with a little heart in the middle later this week to try to sell for her and see how much it could fetch. Trying to figure out if it would be worth it for her to make more since she's so busy with work, etc. If you guys would be interested I can keep you posted! ;)