just wanted to share...

  1. goodevening everyone... today i stopped by my local lv boutique in waikoloa and to my suprise, sitting right there on the shelf was the tivoli... this bag is TDF!!! you gals and guys have to see this bag... it is really beautiful... i also got to see the limelight clutch, mirage speedy, and the new mini lin line... i couldnt leave the store empty handed... i got the pochette florentine:yahoo: (not the strap)... i've had my eye on it for a long time now and i thought... why not? i can use it as a clutch, cosmetic bag and so much more...
  2. very nice :biggrin:
  3. It is adorable! I love the virgin leather! Congrats! I really want to see the tivoli irl!
  4. Ooh, congrats on your beautiful clutch!! You're so lucky you got to see the Tivoli!! I've been waiting anxiously for it!!
  5. Nice! It seems so practical and good looking, not attached to a belt.
  6. Congrats on your purchase!!

    That bag is really cute.
  7. Congrats!!
    That's a great purchase.
  8. congrats on your pochette. Isn't it fun getting to see all the new bags? Sounds like a great day.
  9. Looks like a very useful little clutch/pochette, and if you get the strap at some later date, you'll probably find yourself using it even more. Congrats on a great buy!
  10. did you prefer the pm or gm tivoli//and why???
  11. Congrats!~ Great choice...it's lovely!!!! Can't wait to see tivoli irl!!!
  12. It's really cute!
  13. Wow is that cute! Enjoy!
  14. Love that clutch, you had a great evening!
  15. Congrats...that clutch is really cute!