just wanted to share! :)

  1. so i finally got home early from work today and decided to take pictures of my collection, including my two new additions -- vert gazon pochette and fw07 black day. :smile: sorry about the funky lighting, it's already 10pm here.

    thanks for letting me share!:yahoo:

    vert gazon SS07 pochette

    fw 07 black day with stella mccartney scarf

    just regular hardware: rouge vif first, black day, chocolate work, french blue/linen part time, vert gazon pochette, olive twiggy

    including naturel gold hardware brief

    using the night mode. :smile:

    i think i need a few more orange/purple/pink/yellow to round out my collection. ;) :graucho:
  2. WOW!!!!!!! What an AWESOME collection!!!:nuts: Thanks for sharing!!! Is that a Thomas Wylde scarf???? LOVE all your bags and the pouchette!!!!!:love::love::love:
  3. oooooh!!! very nice! i want that choco work! thanks for sharing!
  4. wow i love how well rounded it is!! such a great collection!!
  5. Nice collection! Thanks for sharing~
  6. That collection has every color of the rainbow! I adore it!
  7. WOW!! i :heart: your french blue linen bag!! great collection!!
  8. thanks addicted ali, his angel, celia, lv mandy, mabli!!!! :smile:

    zac: nope it's from stella maccartney. thanks :biggrin: i love your collection more! heheh, especially the ghost!! :heart:
  9. Incredible range of styles and colours. I love your Rouge Vif First.
  10. WOW!! really WOW!! it's like the perfect collection with the perfect additions! congrats!
  11. I love the stella scarf!!!:heart: Sooo pretty!!!! YOUR COLLECTION IS STUNNING!!! Love the variety very much!!!!:love:
  12. Thanks for sharing. I love the olive twiggy. Any plans to add a violet?
  13. [FONT=&quot]Very CooL piecies… cOngrats on your new additions… I Love the Vert Gazon Pochette…:tup: [/FONT]
  14. ^^ whatta gorgeous collection!!! :wlae:
  15. LOOOOVe the VG clutch. GORGEOUS COLLECTION!!:love::heart::heart::love: