just wanted to share these pics :)

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  1. miss ya all B bag fans:love:
    i got these pics from my lovely SA in Sacoche in Bahrain. I know we all know these fall colors.. but i dont know the style name :shame: ? loool i didnt ask the SA too!!
    i just wanted to share the pics.. since i so love to look at them :drool:
    i think they didnt recieve the summer colors yet :rolleyes:
    << i placed the water marks.. and i am VERY bad at this!! looool
    EDIT: thanks l_b.. they are afternoon and mid afternoon :biggrin:

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  2. Mid afternoon and Afternoon...Love them
  3. I like the first bag.
  4. oooooh so those are the mid afternoon and afternoon!! thank u dear!! :sweatdrop:
    i didnt know they looked so nice carried!! :nuts:
  5. i like the griege one!!.. well no.. mmmm.. i like all!! :nuts:
  6. Thanks for sharing the pics!! It's fun to look at bbags and even a store with bbags displayed since they don't have any where I live.
  7. Thanks for sharing, I love to look at the new styles but somehow they don't work for me personally.
  8. thanks for sharing they are lovely!
  9. thanks for the pics!
    btw... blue india city on the last two pics, YUM!!!
  10. thanks all :heart:

    catcat frankly when i saw the solo pics of them i wasnt crazy about them but when i saw them carried.. i thought hey wow they look nice only if i was a bit taller loool :P but my real love goes for the square/rectangle b bags like city, weekender, part time :love:

    danae here is another pic!! i think its blue india part time?
    i LOOOOOOOOOOVED part time when i tried it there!! :love:

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  11. Thanks for the pictures...that sapin Afternoon looks :drool: :drool: :drool:
  12. OOOOOh.. very nice greige. *drools* Thanks for sharing! :biggrin:
  13. thanks for sharing these pics! I like the greige so much right now...
  14. wow...pretty bags.....thanx for sharing :smile:
  15. I'm totally eyeing the B-bag display on the side. :graucho::drool: