Just wanted to share (spy pic)

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  1. My fav SA took this picture for me and sent it to my mobil in April this year..He asked if I wanted any of them, but I said no.. At that time I wasn't a Spy lover.. I just came across the picture on my computer and thought I would share because I just realized there is a very limited Spy in the top right corner in it.. OMG I now wish I had told him I wanted it.. Damn! :sad:

  2. are'nt Spys beautiful.......:heart: ............thanks for sharing
  3. Thanks for sharing! I wish I could say that this is a picture of my closet. I mean, even the Fendi shoes with the brown Wisteria!!!!!!!! This is how I'd like to start all of my days, with such visions of beauty...

    which gives me an idea...

    LOL, I've just made this my desktop background/wallpaper! It's a beauty!

    Thanks again!
  4. Wow! I don't know if it's just the picture, but I don't even recognize the blue one or the bronze looking one! The bronze is amazing!!!! Unless it's just the gold that I already have, but it looks bronze in that picture. Yummmm!!!
  5. Love the white!
  6. Think its the Gold Deco, I have not seen the blue one either
  7. ^^ Could the blue one be the striped denim? :s
  8. Oh My :drool::drool:
  9. Was that cracked suede in the upper top right? *faints* :love: :love: I know some think it's alien looking, but I think that's my favorite one, I'd loooove to get my paws on one. Thanks so much for sharing!! What store is that?
  10. :Yes:
    Clockwise, starting from the 1:00 position:
    1. Crackled metallic suede spy
    2. White Wisteria spy
    3. Denim striped spy
    4. Natural Wisteria spy
    5. White Spy
    6. Gold/silver spy (as opposed to the Silver/Gold spy we are accustomed to seeing; Gold/silver is the one that Deco received from Jomashop).
  11. ahh its such a beautiful sight to see