Just wanted to share something funny from PostSecret...

  1. [​IMG]

    I LOVE PostSecret...just found out today that its "headquarters" are only about 20 minutes from my house!

    Feel free to share any other PostSecrets that you liked here...
  2. i love postsecret too!!
    bought a postsecret book from urban outfitters last yr and was brought to the website... been chking it out every wk since then =)
    Here is one of the postcard from the latest update
  3. I LOVE this website....I didn't know there was a book! I need to check that out!
  4. I just went to the website and noticed that a new thing is to leave a secret in a book for someone else to find! This makes me want to go to my Borders/Barnes & Noble and look for secrets now! Amazing.

    The one 'I bought him the gun he used to kill himself with. I thought I was protecting him'....so sad!
  5. I love PostSecret too. Some of them are really sad and others are funny. I saw a thing about making artwork from pics in books and framing and I think some of the book pages would work really well for this idea. I think it is an interesting idea...
  6. Wow... I am SO lost! I had never heard of PostSecret before. Just went to the site, and I can't believe I never knew about it. Very interesting... going to have to pick up the books too. Thanks for posting!
  7. This is my favorite PostSecret. It's actually a really old one...

    And it started my "collection" of Post Secrets. I print out all the ones I like/relate to me and then I frame them and put them on my wall. It's becoming a pretty cool collage.
  8. ^ Aw, that one is too cute! And great idea, I'd love to have a little collection of PostSecrets!

    My school is hosting a project where you send in your own postcards...it's for a Humanities Senior Independent Project...very cool. Can't wait to see them all!

    I really want to get the book. Maybe for Christmas. :biggrin: