Just Wanted to share my new wristlet and carly!

  1. My new Signature Medium Carly and Wristlet :smile:

    I today is the first day using them... my carly was sitting in the box until I got a wristlet to match!!! :smile: ENJOY!
  2. beautiful!!!!!! Enjoy carrying her out for the first time!!! :love:
  3. very nice.. you should really post modeling pics :graucho:
  4. Thats a gorgeous wristlet.
  5. Here's a modeling pic
  6. i love them both. Isn't the wristlet gorgeous? I wanted to get that and the gallery tote that matched but oh well. Lovely purchases and modeling pics would be great!
  7. gorgeous ! You put together a great outfit to go with her too !
  8. It looks really good on you! Enjoy!!!
  9. Yummy Chocolate!!
  10. Love the color and it looks great on you. Great belt!
  11. Welcome to the CARLY CLUB!!!! You will love her.
  12. LOVE it!!!! I have that same Carly and she's TDF!!!!! CONGRATS!!!
  13. That Carly looks HOT on you!!!! :tup: Thanks so much for the modeling pics, you are making me want a chocolate one now!!!!! :wtf:
  14. Very nice! Enjoy your new Carly (and wristlet).
  15. Love it! Enjoy your new bag and wristlet!