Just wanted to share my New to Me Gucci

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  1. Ever since I saw mssmelanie's ellipse messenger 8 months ago :heart: I knew I had to have one. I called gucci boutiques and the outlets with no luck, but finally one popped up on eBay. She arrived on friday all the way from hawaii in excellent condition! It's my first gucci so I just keep touching the GG fabric..... staring at it.... Oh, it's prettier than I imagined! The hardware is so shiney!

    I had no clue the dimensions or length of the strap (if it would truly be messenger style) on me, I'm 5'8". So I was pleasantly surprised at all of the above plus it has a cell phone pocket. gucci.jpg
    DSCN1882.JPG DSCN1885.JPG
    I think the amarante goes well with the color of the bag. Now I need a new wallet:yes:
  2. love it!!:heart:3 enjoy:biggrin:
  3. um wow i want that. perfect for hanging out and when you don't want to carry much
  4. So pretty and great for spring/summer!
  5. cute!!
  6. Yay! :tup: I'm so glad you like it! I really like using mine, especially when going shopping.
  7. Congrats!
  8. :O what kind of lv wallet is that? i like it!
  9. Thanks eveyone for letting me share and for your nice comments.
  10. The wallet in the bag is the LV eldridge wallet, discontinued, it's siver vernis. Similar to the new zippy wallets.

    The amarante color one is the key/ change cles -holds license, cc, change. You may know that already, but i wasn't sure if you were asking about it or the wallet. Thanks, though.
  11. What a great find!!! I :heart: it. I really like that the straps are wide. It's so cute and the color combo is the best. Congrats!!!
  12. Congrats! The white teim is perfect for summer!
  13. GREAT bag!! I have a smaller Gucci messenger style from years ago and still use it and :heart: it!!
  14. Congrats! Love this style!
  15. very nice messenger Charmed!!! It is perfect for spring and summer. Very lucky to find your messenger after 8 months of searching. :tup: