Just wanted to share my new baby!!!

  1. She's here!! :happydance: :rochard: And she's 100000000X more beautiful than I had expected her to be! She's so soft, smoooshy, BUTTERY!, fresh, & she's like a chameleon! She changes color on me all the time! And I love her for it!!

    At first I missed her delivery (blast that UPS man for coming so late!) but then I was determined to not miss her arrival again. So I scheduled a pick-up instead.....and TADA!!! Here she is! I just can't think of a name for her! Currently she's called "my most beautiful of beautiful things"

    Note: Spy is my "most awesome of awesome things"
    Bbag is my "most classy of classy things"
    Got it from a cute show on cartoon network called "Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends"



    * Big big thanks to the previous owner!! You know who you are! I could kiss you for this!!! AHHH! :graucho:
  2. Gorgeous!!

    What color is that?!?
  3. Oh wow - hot bag!!:love:
    And you look really pretty too!
    Thanks for sharing:flowers:

    P.S Are those Chloe pumps i spy on your feet??:wlae:
  4. Very pretty! You look great with it. Enjoy it!
  5. thanks girls! :heart: yeap, it's the chloe mocassins chicky! not a true match in terms of color with the bag though. but both are lovely! hehe.

    hmweshe's craie :nuts:
  6. Wow - you look so happy together! I can't decide which is cuter, you or your Most Beautiful! Enjoy :yes:
  7. OMG CONGRATS!!! :yahoo: Craie is such an amazing color and your satchel looks TDF!!! Simply GORGEOUS on you!! :love: Enjoy her!! :heart:
  8. Gorgeous bag on a beautiful lady! Congratulations- it looks so fabulous on you!!! You look so genuinely happy- it is so nice to see! Enjoy in the best of health!
  9. thank you hippiechic, audrey, and jag!!

    you guys are so sweet :love: thanks for sharing my happiness with me!
  10. So cute! I love it and you look adorable.
  11. That is one of the prettiest paddys I have seen! Good Job- you know how to pick them.
  12. BEAUTIFUL! Congrats and enjoy your new bag!! It looks stunning and looks super happy on you! ;)
  13. Oooh what a beautiful craie paddington, I know what you mean when you say it's a chameleon - craie looks so different in diff. ligtnings :heart:

    But it's absolutely gorgeous, and you look stunning..!! Congrats!!:flowers:
  14. wow, it suits you so much. It really really lovely :yes:

    I love your chloe moccasins too :heart: , the whole look is really nicely put together.

    Congrats, you got yourself a good one there :love:
  15. lol - yeah they kind of work though - not too matchy matchy, but from the same 'family' of colour - i like!:love: :flowers:
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