Just wanted to share my love for the Burberry SA in Vienna!

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  1. I went to Burberry to buy my best friend a little silk neckerchief. I usually cant send my friend anything since we live on 2 diff continents and the toll taxes would be almost as expensive as the gift im shipping to her :/ but luckily a mutual friend is flying over to america to visit her. and so, i decided to buy a little something from burberry which our mutual friend could transport in her luggage :smile:

    I'm a student and dont have too much money to spend. But i did want to get my best friend a designer piece, even if its "just" a small neckerchief in the classic check print! I went to burberry and told the SA about my situation and instead of being annoyed by my intentions not to go over-budget, she was so helpful and told me the prices of all the small goodies they had in store! I was so pleasantly surprised!

    I definitely feel so at home now at burberry :smile: usually im a LV-kind-of-girl but this wonderful experience made my love for the classic checkered label grow!
  2. I know what you mean. Burberry was my very first designer bag back in 2004, but then I was blinded by the bright lights of Gucci, LV and Chanel for ages. Then I was browsing burberry last year and purchased a 'little crush' bag which rekindled my interest in this brand. They have modernised themselves a lot with their new ranges of leather bags and styles. Then before x-mas I got an invitation to come in and shop while sipping champagne and eating canapes. The sales people were wonderful and helpful and I really enjoyed myself.

    I read on LV that it takes years and thousands of dollars to get a VIC invite to any such event. So my love for all things Burberry has increased dramatically. They make you feel special and that is the reason people go back to a brand. Now, today I am off to Burberry's Lunar new year party.

    I hope your friend loves her scarf… so sweet of you to buy her something so beautiful. Glad the SA's were so good to you too.
  3. Aww glad to read your story! Burberry truly does feel very much like home now to me too :smile:

    and thank you! I'm glad you made good experiences too and have fun at the upcoming events xx