Just wanted to share my 1st H purchase :)

  1. After much anticipation, I visited our Houston store yesterday. They had a huge selection of Bearn wallets, which is what i was looking for. I fell in love with all of them!!! so many beautiful colors...:heart:

    I walked out with my first purchase of an orange goat leather bearn bifold wallet with gusset...even though it was just a wallet, i was completely floored and speechless! I LOVE IT! :yahoo:

    I only saw two kellys on display...one was a hot pink color ..smaller size(i'm sorry...newbie here ..i have no clue what the hermes color name is) and another kelly that was a green color...i was too nervous and excited to ask to look at either one...i didn't see any birkins nor was i offered to take a look at any bags...

    the SA was nice but i'm not sure if she meant anything by it but instead of offering me hermes products, she was telling me about the new damier line of LV and how cute it was...maybe bc i had an LV wallet? i don't know..or maybe bc she thought i really couldn't afford an hermes bag? when she walked me out after my purchase, she said "come back! and bring your husband next time so he can buy you a nice present for carrying his baby"

    not sure if i'm being sensitive but maybe she thought i was married to some rich guy and that i, myself, couldn't buy an hermes bag...i dunno..

    overall i'm still really excited and LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE my new wallet!!!

    sorry for the geekiness...i just HAD to share my excitement with you guys :yahoo:
  2. Sounds lovely! Any pics??!!! I love the wallets and many of the accessories...it's just the beginning! SA sounds a little odd talking about LV...
  3. Congrats!!
  4. Congratulations on your 1st purchase!

    I'm from Houston too! I love Houston, and I love our H store here, love the SAs.

    I've been in there to buy scarves and ended up in long discussions about likes and dislikes, new releases, etc. of various luxury brands with one SA in particular. I think she's interested in lots of different stuff, not just H, and she keeps up really well. That may have been all there was to the conversation.
  5. Hi!!! Congrats on your new wallet!!! I almost got that orange bearn that you bought!! I had inquired to my SA a few months ago that I was interested in buying an Orange bearn w/ gusset w/ GH and that when one came in to call me. When it did, I sadly had to decline bc I had just bought a vintage kelly and DH would've killed me! Then a couple of weeks ago, while I was there looking at wallets, my SA took out the same orange bearn that I had turned down. It really is a true beauty but I winded up w/ a rose shocking bearn w/ GH instead.

    That is odd that your SA would talk about LV, but then my SA complemented me on my LV Groomsman agenda, so I don't know, maybe she was just trying to make conversation??

    Glad you like ur wallet and thrilled to hear that you are excited about ur new H purchase!!! Here's to many more!! BTW, I'm a fellow H-towner myself and would love to meet up if you have time!! There are a few of us here on tpf from H-town!
  6. gga: your SA is probably the same one that helped me :smile: she did seem really nice and we talked about all sorts of things ie. my pregnancy, her first hermes bag etc...

    moviegirl: i'm glad you didn't buy the orange bearn ;) i loved all of the other ones (espiecially the pink croc with diamonds!!! lol) but my heart just kept going back to the orange one...i really love it...i have to wait until the end of the month to use it and say its a bday present or else my DH would KILL me if he found out...i think i need to say i got it vintage off of eBay or something to him lol...
    by the way, i LOVE your rose shocking bearn ! it is gorgeous!!!

    too bad i missed the last htown gathering...we should set up another one soon! although i know i would stick out like a sore thumb since you guys all have H bags...but i'd love to be able to drool :smile:
  7. xboobielicousx...piost pics. Love the bearn wallet. CONGRATS!!!...
  8. LOL!!! That's what I had to do w/ my Rose shocking!!! I had to buy it on the down low!!! When DH found out how much it was, he ALMOST did kill me!!! Luckily for me, it was Christmas and DH didn't want his DS to not have a mom around for Christmas! You need to get together w/ PBC!! She tells her DH all kinds of "vintage/eBay" stories or how her good friend moviegirl (me, hehehe) bought her a lovely bracelet or bag charm!!! LOL!!! Don't worry about sticking out like a sore thumb, the good thing about us H-town ladies is that we are very GOOD ENABLERS!!!! You'll have ur first H bag yet!!!:graucho: :graucho: :graucho: ;)

    Will let you know when we have another get together! What part of Houston are you from??
  9. Congratulations and PICS!!!
  10. Congrats,..... Bearn, the ultimate wallet! :love: Show me pics,.. I know, I'm desperate over Hermes
  11. Congrats!!! I chose my first orange accessory yesterday...what a VI-VID color!!!
  12. Yay! I'm so glad you got such a wonderful 1st Hermes piece! I wouldn't read too much into the SA's comment, I know that things I say are often misinterpreted & I end up coming off as a loon. She probably was just making conversation.
  13. Yay! The Bearn is wonderful! Enjoy!
  14. thanks guys...you guys make me love my H wallet even more..if thats possible...i will try to take pics of it and post soon..have to find a time when DH isnt' home lol

    moviegirl: i'm in sugarland...where are you at? pbc sounds like a hoot ! we have to get together to swap stories to tell DH...i once told DH that i found my choo bag for 90% off at off Saks! hahahahahahahhaha:roflmfao: he was like.."wow! you are good at finding steals..you really should ebay it and make a killing off of it!!" :roflmfao: omg...i giggle til this day every time i think about it...lol

  15. you're right J...sometimes i get too sensitive for my own good...lord knows how many times i end up saying things that are misconstrued or misinterepted and i end up looking like an arse...lol