Just wanted to share a picture

  1. My stepdaughter is in town with her 2 little girls-here's a pic of myself, hubby, our 5 1/2 year old son and the girls. Just wanted to share!
    granddaughters summer 2006.jpg
  2. Nishi, what a beautiful family you have!
  3. Great family photo! Thanks for sharing that!
  4. What a gorgeous family! Your children are adorable!
  5. Thanks for sharing , too adorable
  6. What a great family photo!
  7. Great photo!
  8. You have a wonderful family. Thanks for sharing. Enjoy your time with your stepdaughter and the girls.
  9. They are simple lovely!
  10. cute family!!
  11. What a nice family photo.
  12. So sweet- your son looks exactly like you!
  13. Adorable family, Nishi!
  14. You all look so adorable!!! That picture turned out great! Thanks for sharing it! :heart:
  15. cute photo, thanks for sharing! :biggrin:
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