Just wanted to say

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  1. I am in LOVE with that lurex!
    I have to have the mini skinny in gold, and Oh my god that wristlet in raspberry
    well sort of!
    but I really am in loveeeeeeeeee:love:
  2. I got the wristlet in silver and it's tdf!! Coach.com didn't have the matching mini skinny but Nordstrom's did. :jammin::woohoo:

    I can't wait to use it for special occassions.
  3. I have the lurex mini skinny in black and silver. I just love it! You should go for it!:yes:
  4. I am in love with the wristlet in raspberry, but I think the mini skinny is good in either that or gold!
    I'm hoping maybe my future secret santa will help me, if I can wait that long!
    Other wise my birthday is november 21st and it might just become my present to myself!
  5. hehe, i wrote a thread on signature lurex goodies....
    check it out!
    I love my magenta mini skinny :smile:
  6. I havent seen these in person yet- but I can't wait to! rave reviews always do that to me :smile:
  7. I actually really like the raspberry one. I know a lot of people arent loving it for the mini skinny but i LOVE it!
  8. well i am like the number one fan! ha ha :nuts:
    I have permission to buy them for myself for my birthday! (the 21st!)
    BUT I have to pay my car insurance first! which is gonna be 407 dollars!