Just wanted to say thanks to the forum. I am a newbie to high-end bags...and

  1. so many of you have been so helpful. Scary though, because now I can convince myself that spending over $1000 on a bag is a good investment. My financial advisor is not convinced.
  2. Welcome! Dont forget to post pics. of all of your new investments!
  3. Well, in my opinion it's far better to save up to own a few extraordinary and exquisitly made leather goods than to spend LOTS of money on LOTS of stuff that won't last or that you'll tire of quickly. Don't forget that you probably carry a bag every day of your life in some way or another and when you look at the cost of that bag divided by the amount of time you use it, you'll probably find that it was a very good investment in the end.

    Don't worry, just the sheer enjoyment you'll get when using that bag is totally worth it!
  4. Welcome!
    I'm guessing your financial advisor is a man?
    Sorry, it's a hobby, not an appreciating asset. However, cars are always depreciating too and I know plently of people who buy some very expensive ones.
    I am not a rich girl, but I love handbags. If there is a will there is a way.
    If you are worried about cost, try buying Chanel classics or LV Speedy, something that you can carry from now until the end of time. Also, you can go with vintage bags or look for last years model. You would be surprised at what you might find.
    Learn about how to spot scams on ebay and search for good slightly used bags-that's how I got a Kelly and believe it or not the girl at Hermes store helped verify it as well. The seller had it professionally cleaned by Hermes (and showed a copy of the receipt) so I was able to track it through the store that it had been cleaned at.
    Also, forum members are selling bags all the time so if you go through paypal you can get a good bag for less. I just got a great Spy bag this way.
    If you are in doubt about any items for sell on the internet, show it to the forum girls and they will give you some opinions. I consider them to be a great team of experts.
  5. Tell your financial advisor you're using the amoritzation method of determining value. :biggrin: A bag that costs $1000 that you'll use 1000 times over 10 years only costs $1 per use, whereas a $300 bag that you'll use only 100 times is $3 per use. See? :P
  6. I definitely have to agree with this. It is a bag that you know you will use forever and will always be on style.
  7. Thanks. I am ok with spending the money. My tastes have grown up some in the last few years. It is just took a little time to adjust especially when most of my friends think it is insane. My financial advisor is male but he is in his early 30s too. I have become friends with him and we talk often so he always will google something and see what it looks like. He really liked my MJ Chevron that I got for on sale for $650 from NAP. I haven't told him yet about the Muse and the Novak.
  8. I love your way of thinking!!!;)
  9. that makes perfect cents, uh, sense to me! ;)
  10. Well, if you tire of your bags quickly, change them constantly (lots of closet time), or have to repeatedly sell a few to get ONE of the latest bag you covet, then no, they're a ghastly investment. I would always tell someone that if those conditions apply, and an expensive bag is something you have to save for, going cheaper is best. There's nothing worse than tying up your money in a bag that's shoved in the closet.
  11. Hi chigirl! Welcome to the PF- I must say thank you to you as well! YOu have also been very helpful (ie. Tod's bag on bluefly)! Can't wait to see what bags you are considering, it's so much fun!