just wanted to say THANK YOU!!!

  1. I always loved Balenciaga and initially didn't buy, b/c it was so "trendy", then I didn't buy b/c I thought it was so "out".... but you ladies have reassured me that they are still going strong and it will remain that way - I really had no idea of the popularity - I also discovered the DAY bag here - MY NEW LOVE!!


    :yahoo: :yahoo:
  2. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

    I always felt the same way until a few months ago. I felt like B's were "done", or that I'm too old to be wearing the same bag as the pop stars or the Olsen twins. Or that I couldn't get away with the tassles, etc. I was SO wrong!!! These bags are just perfect for me... light, comfy, and they acutally DON'T stand out like I thought they would. LOVE my b-bags!!!!!!!!!
  3. I fell in love with Bbags when a First caught my eye a couple of years back, but then never considered actually owning a Bbag cos I was too poor back then :crybaby:

    But fortch, or unfortch for me, I stumbled unto this forum, and I've been fighting a lost cause, cos I'm learning more about Bbags, and I've fallen head over heels for the City and the Work :love:

    I'm now set on owning my very own Bbag, having now worked for about 2 years, despite all my friends telling me that it's SO over copied, especially here in Singapore, that I shouldn't bother with actually buying the real thing.

    Thank you ladies, for all your enthusiasm, cos here's another Bbag convert! :girlsigh:
  4. Want to say thank you to for all the great information and the passion you guys have for Bbags! Same as nymph I've been holding back because a few of my friends say it's not worth getting because it's so overcopied...

    But my feeling is... so what? As long as I know myself that the one I'm carrying is real that's all that matters! Now that you like-minded folk are here... it reassures me that I'm not the weird one for thinking this way!

    I now know for sure I want a Bbag but I'm so confused about what to get... perhaps I'll start a new post about that topic since it's not really related to saying thank you!

    Thanks again ladies!