Just wanted to say hi!

  1. I am not new to tPF, but I have not posted much in the Coach forum so I thought that I would introduce myself...
    I have been a fan of Coach for several years now, I got my first Coach purse in 1990 and have been carrying them ever since! I really love the classic Coach leather bags (Willis, Court...), but I love the new styles as well. I really enjoy seeing all the pretty purchases that you all have made ;) !

    So that is me...just thought that I would take the time to say 'hello' so you are all not like "who is this LV person", lol!
  2. Hey LV Rawks, i'm also from the LV forum and have been lurking in the Coach thread. I popped into a Coach store recently and saw the Legacy line, as well as the Soho Hobos and Carly, so I have yet another line of bags to start collecting. At least Coach is more affordable!:graucho:
  3. hey! and welcome!! I am currently starting to poke my head in the LV and bal forums, so its great to have you here!
  4. Yes, I recognize your name from LV!
  5. Haha hi! I just started posting a couple of things around here also but I, too, know you from the LV area! *waves*
  6. Welcome! Between all my bags I've got the most LV and Coach so I too am having fun learning here. Enjoy!
  7. Welcome! I post mainly here but have been checking out the LV forum lately. I love your siggy!
  8. Welcome and don't be shy about posting in here!
  9. Welcome! I love your signature line thing...hahaha
  10. Hi LV Rawks, i was just checking out the LV forum last night for alittle while. I own one LV bag that i love....(my purse will not allow me to really love anymore):p Make yourself right at home.
  11. Hi there! Coach and LV forums are the ones I frequent the most. I love them both dearly so you're not alone!