Just wanted to say hi and introduce myself!

  1. I'm coming over from the Coach forum and wanted to say say hello before I started posting here! I just bought a MBMJ Dr.Q Groovee satchel in Chocolate yesterday and I'm LOVING it! My 1st "real" bag was a MJ Sofia in Black with the Brass hardware and the gorgeous ballet pink suede lining! The whole reason I'm even into handbags was seeing a picture of Sofia Coppola( a long time ago) holding a similar MJ bag that was wine colored and I fell in love handbags after that. Anyway, just wanted to say hey!
  2. Welcome! :flowers:
  3. Glad you joined us!
  4. Welcome! Good to see you here.
  5. Welcome! You're in good company...we all love our MJ bags too!
  6. Welcome!:wlae: