Just wanted to introduce myself :)

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  1. Hey everyone,

    I'm new to this sub-forum, but not new to TPF...but I just thought I'd introduce myself anyway!

    I mostly hang out over at the Coach forum, but lately I've decided to "expand my horizons" in the purse world, and after venturing over to the RM sub-forum, I have fell in love! :nuts:

    I am thinking about getting either a Nikki or a MAM as my first RM...does anyone have both of these bags? Which of these do you prefer?

    I'm looking forward to chatting with all of you, and drooling over your gorgeous bags :graucho:
  2. Welcome LovePinkCoach. :flowers: I have owned both the Nikki and the MAM and personally I prefer the MAM. It's more functional imo, as the Nikki tends to be somewhat cumbersome to use. By that I mean it's a deep hobo style bag and for me I feel like I am digging through a black hole to try and find something when I need it. I love the look of the Nikki, but I think in the long run the MAM is more classic and functional. HTH! Good luck with your purchase and please share when you take the plunge!
  3. I have both!
    I have 3 Nikkis and 3 MAM's. Both are great functional styles. It just depends what you are going for. I am small so I can easily wear the MAM over my shoulder, but some folks say it works more as a hand-held or arm-crook bag, but the Nikki is awesome for tossing everything in, throwing over your shoulder and going! If you like a big smooshy hobo, go for the Nikki. If you like a more classic satchel style bag, go for the MAM.
    IMO, you can't go wrong with either style.
  4. Hi! Welcome to RM :flowers:

    What is your style like? You may want to check out the nikki pics and MAM pics! Its great to probably have one of each!

    Many will tell you hear that the nikki is better, it fits over the shoulder, and smooshes really nicely, and is very comfortable. Some will say the MAM is better since the nikki is really large. The MAM for some doesn't fit over the shoulder, so i personally prefer the Nikki, but they are definitely different enough to justify both :yes:
  5. I have a mini Nikki and a MAM. I love how the Nikki feels on the shoulder, as the handles of the MAM are snug on me over the shoulder...and I prefer shoulder bags. The regular Nikki seemed too big to me. However, I prefer the convenience of the outside pocket on the MAM (it's perfect for my phone), but I know some ladies that don't even use the outer pocket! Also, the MAM is a more strutured satchel-kinda bag, if you like that style (some do slouch/puddle more than others), while the Nikki is more of a casual hobo-type bag to me.

    I love them both for different reasons!
  6. Welcome and you can't go wrong with either style. There is also a mini nikki that isn't quite as cumbersome as a nikki. Don't forget to let us know what you decide!

    The mam is more lady like a refined while the Nikki is boho chic! what style coach bags do you prefer?
  7. I love smooshy-like leather, and I prefer bags that I can carry on my shoulder...which is why I'm thinking the Nikki would be more practical for me. But I LOVE the look of the MAM.
  8. i have 2 nikkis and a mab...it really depends on the kind of bag you like. if you like something to put on the shoulder then i think that the nikki is definitely better...but if you like satchels then the mam is for you. the mam can fit on the shoulder but not as comfortably as the nikki. but both are good bags! i don't think i could pick between my morning after and nikkis.
  9. Your first should be a nikki then or mini nikki and there are so many squishy wonderful RM leathers!! Almond, Latte, Grape, Jammin purple were all very squishy dreamy leathers. Then there is an older color called Ocean that was heaven on earth there is one on ecrater.com(not my auction) I think all of these bags are available on ebay or bonanzle right now too! Great deals too!
  10. one of my nikkis is an ocean...it really is very smooshy :smile:
  11. Some MAMs come with straps and can hang from your shoulder for a little variety!!
  12. If you like the look of the MAM, look for one that comes w/ a shoulder strap, as most of the newer ones do.
  13. I am 5'6"ish and 150 lbs and I have no problem fitting the MAM over my shoulder. Granted it's more practical hanging from the crook of your arm, but I can wear it over the shoulder rather comfortably when necessary. I honestly had more problems with the Nikki slipping off my shoulder than the MAM.
  14. ^^ Yup, if your arms are thin enough, you can wear the MAM over your shoulder...but not over a thick winter coat! Don't worry too much about it...once you get your first RM you will want another anyway. Just get one of each. :nuts:
  15. Welcome to the RM forum! I have (and love) both a Nikki and a MAM. I think I like the Nikki better. I also have a MAB...and I prefer that to the MAM. I'm fairly small (5"5, 115 pounds), and the MAM fits over my shoulder comfortably...but I like a big smooshy bag. Honestly - as long as you are choosing one of the smooshier leathers, I don't think you can go wrong with either choice.