Just wanted to clarify!

  1. today at work i was doing brown tags (those little things behind the tags?)

    and i saw one that caught my eye, it was for a purse that is worth $10,000. :nuts:

    i had to see what purse it was of course :p

    it was the one that mandy moore was caughtm wearing - there's a name for it i forget, but the style no is 10573 if you want to look it up, this has gold hardware and i'm thinking hers is silver and therefore one of a kind, probably worth more.

    and it's made in italy

    of course i dug up the info on the $10,000 dollar bag that everyone was talking about, made in china and all...the ali aligator one?

    and it's not. it's also made in italy.

    *sigh* it's not bad but of course, way out of my price range! the ali is all sold out, but there is the shoulder bag version, six of each color - chocolate, desert and peridot in stores...not available to order through Jax, but i bet if you do order through Jax they'd be taken away from the stores, not inventory.
  2. I can't even imagine seeing a $10,000 bag in person!!
  3. I wonder if I could use my 40% off letter on it?;)
  4. i dont kno who would buy a 10,000 dollar bag!
  5. Someone w/ $10,000.
  6. someone who buys hermes bags..
  7. LOL! That would be $6,000 then add tax. Still, better than $10,000!
  8. technically if you go to the store, since there's none orderable (unless you go to your local store to do a found versus going into the actual la, ny, or lv store)

    you can! there are no restrictions on that letter and while they may try and prevent you you can argue your way or debate ;) into getting it.