Just wanted to brag a bit about my girl..

  1. She's been appearing in a local production of Rocky Horror Show Live and it's been getting great reviews. Just thought I'd brag on how great she is..

    Here's one review:

    Kara's front and center :smile:
  2. That is fabulous!!! You must be so proud...and your daughter is gorgeous!!!
  3. That's wonderful, Charles. Congratulations to her and the cast! :biggrin:
  4. That' great Charles!!

    Congratulate her for me!! i would love to be in a musical... but it's not happening anytime soon. =P

    tell her to come hang out with us... doesn't she like purses??? :p
  5. oh, I looooove musical theatre. People with the talent to pull off musicals are gods/goddesses in my book. Congratulations to her.

    OT, but I also really love her name.
  6. Excellent review. From one Musical actress/dancer (Ex) to another wish her well for me and tell her to enjoy every minute.
  7. That's awesome!!! So fun!
  8. That's awesome!! I dance like Elaine in Seinfeld so I have real respect for anyone who can dance w/out gyrating like an idiot, and inevitably poking someone's eye out.
  9. Very cool!
  10. That's too cool! Charles, does your gf post here?
  11. She's my girlfriend! Sheesh, I'm not THAT old!

    And no, she doesn't post here, but I'm rather sure she lurks.
  12. Hehee, I don't think that's his daughter.

    Charles, your gf is gorg; share our congrats on landing a great part.
  13. oh does that bring back memories of sneaking out to midnight shows with rolls of toilet paper, squirt guns, newspaper, etc....
    she looks great! what part is she playing?
  14. Great reviews!

    Pass on my congrats to your GF:smile:
  15. Incredible, you should be so proud, send her my good wishes!