Just want to tell everybody about Gucci fall stock

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  1. While the sale was going on in Harrods I had a look at some preliminary bags for Autumn (fall) but they only had 'dribbles' of the new stock arriving. Love all the new Jackies but I can't begin to decide which one so it might come down to what's left.

    I know that a lot of you love the GG canvas bags and also the GG all-leather Sukeys and Bostons but there is so much to choose from this season.

    These are SOME of my faves

    Went to Gucci in Bond St (London) today and OMG the Secret is TDF (all options)


    and the large unstructured clutch is made of the softest leather (leather lined too) Sorry couldn't find it on US version site


    I've gone off the 'oil slick' shoulder bag but the plain black and off-white leather versions are stunning (also leather lined)



    and this wallet is sumptuous and a fabulous colour


    Any TPFs gone to Gucci and seen bags they love IRL yet?
  2. Well the thing that excited me most is that Gucci looked like they've been addressing some of the issues we talk about at TPF:

    Quality - Its been a while since I've seen large bags lined in fine leather.

    Choice - there's something for everyone including people who want minimum fuss and logos on their bags.
  3. I haven't been to the Gucci boutique in a while (not since I purchased my bag) so I only saw a few of the early fall styles. However, I just received the fall catalog with the Jackie bags and they are absolutely divine! The prices are pretty steep for me, so all I can do is look. I didn't know they are lined with leather - that's a really nice touch. Only my classic Fendi bags from the early and mid 90's had fine leather lining (only ended up keeping one from back then). I think this Fall collection is a lot less eclectic, more classic and it will probably bring back a lot of customers, as well enticing some new ones.

    I believe it is the Sukey style bag that really drew in a lot of new customers for Gucci - it's a classic and versatile style that almost everyone loves and the fall brown python sukey is tdf.

    IMO, I also do not care for the multicolour patent icon bit shoulder bag but then again, when Coach had that oil slick bag I thought it was really hideous. I have a contempt for suede (I honestly believe no suede bag regardless of designer should cost more than a couple hundred dollars) but the dark blue suede icon bit is a beautiful bag - still wouldn't purchase it though...lol...The black leather one is lovely and looks really soft. Quite a number of this new fall collection could possibly end up as part of their permanent/classic collection. My favourite is the black guccissima icon bit boston so it's a possibility I'm going to buy it in the Fall but I'm also loving the bamboo medium top handle with the bamboo turnlock. There are too many great fall bags!!! Too many decisions to make!
  4. Does anyone know if the metallic blue Guccissima Sukey that's currently on the Korean website will be available in the US or Canada??? I absolutely LOVE that bag.
  5. papertiger

    I really find all the bag you posted really great. (not seen this IRL)

    Gucci - 2009 fall winter handbags

    this style is the first bag I really like in the beige/brown GG canvas.
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    That's just like the bag I want only with the canvas.

    I saw this bag yesterday - you could not be disappointed with this bag, in IRL it is SOOOO much better IMO. Perfect size too. Big enough for all things but not oversize.

    The bag is like a sturdy version of a box leather Hermes Birkin 35

    The leather is thick (perfect for the bag's design) smooth and slightly shiny but will last forever (I hope)

    The hard wear is proper brass colour brass

    The lock is stamped Gucci.

    I would have to get used to the open/close flap because it was a bit tricky but I don't think you are supposed to close/lock the bag up every time

    IMHO this is the nicest Gucci bag I have ever seen - I'm saving my £ as quick as poss

    There should be no import tax between UK (or any European country) or Denmark

    VAT in the UK is 15 1/2% at the moment.

    Fancy a holiday in the UK? I'm serious. PM if you want a shopping buddy

    We could buy our bags at the same time;)
  7. Although I can't find one on the site now I'm sure I saw it as a pre-fall bag (but can't remember if it was US or UK)

    Just because its not on the website DOES NOT MEAN the stores don't have one.

    If I were you I would call a store and ask an SA if any store in US Canada has one, they can charge your card and send it to you.

    Good luck Crewe
  8. :tup::hugs:
  9. I am certain I saw the metallic blue large sukey at the boutique (US) a month back. Don't know if they still have it but the large sukey is quite large. You can always ask your SA to do a search for you at the boutique.
  10. Thank you!!!
  11. Check Neiman Marcus stores as well. I've seen it there last month.
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    I just though I'd post this publically in case anyone else needs the info

    the model no of the medium metallic blue Guccissma leather Sukey bag is:

    211944 AHB1G 4104

    Hope this helps sweetie

    Again - good luck;)
  13. Thank you!!!
  14. I really love the new seasons Jackie colours. I don't know how long I can hold out and not get one even though they are approx twice my normal spend on a bag.
  15. I may be all alone on this, but I love the oil slick patent leather. I'm getting the med bit icon shoulder bag, which shows off the colors much better than the tote. The bag looks much better without the stuffing imo. The matching pumps are great too but I still have some gz sandals from last year so I'll pass on those unless they're around at sale time.