Just want to show off my green Vespa :-)

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  1. I'd been looking for this bag forever and finally, she's mine. I'm so happy. Even the SA at the Hermes adored my new baby!!! Thanks for letting me show her off. I'm a newbie here. None of my friends understand my "need" for this beauty so this is the only place I can share my joy.

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  2. Congrats! I LOVE the color- almost like a dark teal :drool:
  3. Thank you so very much :smile: So hard to capture the color but it's really really deep forest green in person and kinda change shade between different lighting!!!
  4. Very nice! I have never seen this style IRL:heart:
  5. :tup: CONGRATULATIONS!! :yahoo:

    Glad you got what you wanted, Babyblue.
  6. that's lovely, congratulations
  7. Beautiful, I love that colour!
  8. Gorgeous color!
  9. that is a gorgeous color... goes very well with the gold hardware
  10. It's beautiful. Congrats.
  11. Good for you! I've always loved the Vespa.
  12. ^^Congratulations!! and VERY PRETTY.....Like I'm swimming in the OCEAN BLUE!! :yahoo:

  13. just gorgeous! i adore my vespa too...they're great bags :smile:

    congrats on finding just the one you wanted!
  14. Great Vespa.
  15. Thank you so much everyone :smile:
    Now that if I can only find a Orange Birkin, my life is complete....lol. That's my goal to get over my birthday blues....I'm officially in my thirties and it just hard and I can't think of anything that will make this year a celebrated one beside it. Any tips of how and where to start beside eBay? I know this color hasn't been produced for so long which make it even harder to get. I'm willing to settle for the Rouge color though.