Just want to share :)

  1. Just got my mail and LOVED the pretty card I got from my new favorite SA :smile:
    image-435767447.jpg image-3949898193.jpg
  2. Wow that was very nice of her :smile:
  3. Yes, and love the card!! I thought it was creative how she used Kusama ribbon on it :smile:
    I wanna frame it lol
  4. I love the card too, frame it lol
  5. So nice! Love the card, too.
  6. Very nice. I love when they do this, it doesn't happen often but it's very sweet when it does.
  7. I love those cards... Our SA always sends us notes as well! Now, that's a nice touch!! ;)
  8. Yes, very sweet :smile:
  9. So sweet! My SA has done this and I called to thank him bc it was super thoughtful
  10. That's a great idea. It also makes me wanna run back and buy more. But, I think that's kinda the point haha :smile:
  11. Very sweet, and thoughtful!
  12. Sweet, love the design on the card.
  13. So sweet. My SA doesn't send me love notes.
  14. Don't feel bad, I have 7 LV bags and plenty of SLG's and this is my very first card. So, this is SA is a keeper lol :smile:
  15. So nice! And the cover of the card is absolutely beautiful :smile: