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  1. My bf did not understand my craving for a nice purse. He felt that it's a waste of good money!:evil: He always made me feel so guilty everytime I bring home a new purse.

    I am getting tired of my current fav so I just have to get a new one and the Deauville has caught my eyes for a while. So today I finally went down to LV store and bought it. So we were browsing around while the SA pack up the bag and he asked the SA to show him the Damier messenger bag!!! Of cus he didn't buy it, but on the way home he told me that he would buy that messenger bag home when he got his bonus in December!

    I was so tempted to say,"So you don't think it's a waste of money now, do you?" but I stopped myself:smile: . Later on he actually told me that I converted him!!! LOL

    BTW, this is the one he wants:
  2. That's nice! I try to convert my friends too! Some I reel in...some are just too close minded. LOL

    BTW I love the Damier line of LV. Cute!
  3. My bf doesn't understand my handbag addiction, either. I came home with something new yesterday. As soon as he saw the shopping bag, he goes "Oh no, what did you get this time?" He spends way too much $$ on computers and technology stuff, but of course that's not the same to him :suspiciou heh. Good thing you converted your bf!
  4. My fiance likes to drop his money on technology stuff & he also has to have designer wallets & this is the funny part...he wears Seven jeans now!! He said he'd never wear those, but he said they fit so nicely.
  5. LOL. this is my exact situation! i gotta give credit to my bf though, he'll go shopping with me without complaining :love:
  6. My bf used to say the same thing to me, but I shut him up by saying, " I have my hobby and you have yours, so do not say anything like this to me. I never complain about you buying all the gadget you have." He shuted up really fast after that! Haha:toung:
  7. I've tried the same thing, but then he goes on to say something about getting more use out of a computer than a handbag.... maybe that's true for him, but not for me :P
  8. Cristina, brain-washing ur bf that's what you need to do!:P

    I have doing that for the last 7 years and after 7 years of hard work, it finally has some sucess.:biggrin:
  9. lol 2 funny
  10. Me and Kojiko were just talking about the same thing! Like I said he started it! Now he's created a MONSTER! {Your money is OURS/And my money is just that....} Food for thought.
  11. Want to talk about total conversion... I made Vlad help me start this site, and even contribute towards it! He can now name bags when we walk down the street and see ladies carrying them.

    I'm still working on him understanding my love for all fashion- jeans, jackets, shirts, etc. I always feel guilty when he says "what did you buy". Then I have to start off by, "well it's really cute and I needed a new shirt... " And then I get the big interruption- "How much??" Ha!
  12. When the "How much?" question comes up, I usually preface it by saying, "Well, there was this great sale..." he doesn't have to know there actually wasn't a sale... :toung:
  13. I think mine stop asking the "how much?" question. I think he knows it would upset him.
    Speaking of which, I bought my LV this past weekend and I saw this goregous purse on ebay. My bf told me not to buy it, but I did! Now I am trying to find a place to hide it.
    Right now I am shipping that to my friend's address and asked my friend to tell my bf that's a X'mas present for me!
  14. ^^ Ohh man, I do that stuff all the time. That started when I was younger- to make it so my parents could not see what I was buying (with their money: cough cough). Now I just wait for Vlad to say... "what did you get for $$$ at Nordstroms etc.. Ha.
  15. I do the hiding thing for a while. Then I can legitimately tell my husband that the bag is not new (sure, its not new, it was hiding under the couch for six weeks!). He also always asks what something costs but I truly believe he's just doing market research. He admits that he knows nothing of what it takes for a woman to put herself together and he's always curious. He thinks its so funny/cool that I can wear $500 shoes, $1500 bag and a skirt I bought from a street vendor and the whole thing looks good together.

    Recently, my husband calculated what I spend per year on bags, what I yield when I sell my old bags and what the net cost per year it is to 'maintain' my wardrobe. He wasn't horrified with the number.