just want to share...speedy


Nov 22, 2006
i really wanted the mono speedy 30 for a long time but i could not buy it since i know that my mom would tell me it's expensive and stuff like that. but i actually have the bag already in my cabinet. i just didn't tell her. the other day i was looking at eluxury and she saw me looking at the speedy bag...then she told me that it was a nice bag. she asked me how much and when i told her the price, she said that it wasn't expensive and what's even better is she offered to pay for my bag. wow!!! isn't that great? now i'm using my speedy everyday....
That is so sweet! My mom would never do that for me but one day I can see myself doing that for my daughters! (Luckily they are only 3 1/2 and 7 weeks right now!) Heck, my older daughter has a vera bradley (not that big of a deal but perhaps for a 3 year old!) and a coach of her own. Its a start!!