Just want to share my vernis inspired creations!

  1. I got inspired today and took out some clay I had and look what I made :nuts:

    Vernis cupcakes!!!



    That's peppermint, marshmallow and lavender. Don't they look yummy? :drool:

    Some of the sprinkles didn't stick though, I should have pressed them into the "frosting" some more. I'll be baking a new batch of apple, Raspberry, Blueberry and caramel (for Pomme, Framboise, Indigo, Bronze) soon after I've gotten the colors down. YES, I was bored today. Sprinkles watch out! Haha!

    Cheers everyone!:p
  2. They look really yummy lol.
    I can definitely appreciate these. ;)
  3. I have the sudden urge to eat cupcakes...that icing looks miraculously real!
  4. soo cute!
  5. mmmm..... break me off a piece!!!
  6. MMM Cupcakes!
  7. Rebecca- I think I was inspired by your sig as well :lol: I haven't quite gotten the icing down yet, I want them to look like the one in your sig!

    John - and they're calorie free! :p
  8. Lol I'm flattered that I was your inspiration hehe.
    And the frosting looks AMAZING! I've worked with clay before and have never gotten it that smooth-you did great!
  9. mmm! They look good! I wish they were edible!!! haha

    Now I'm hungry!
  10. mmmm delicious!
  11. I love what you did, and they look amazing and yummy! :p
  12. OMG those look fabulous and delicious! Makes me want to take a trip to "dozen" - a cupcake shop near my school. Soooo yummy!!!
  13. mmm, delicious!!!:drool:
  14. omigod I'm so hungry now....
  15. Yum!