Just want to share my christmas gift...PICS!!!

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  1. finally i was able to open one of my gifts under the tree. dh made me so happy with...ms azur speedy 25. perfect size. i am attaching a picture of her by herself and with the rest of her family. i bought the cles and pochette a month ago. but the speedy was waitlisted. my hubby actually got on the waitlist and told my SA to call him (instead of me) when it arrived. i'm in love (both with the bag and my hubby)!:yahoo: :heart:

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  2. No fair--why did you get to open your gifts early and we have to wait!:yucky:
    Congrats --beautiful!:love: :yahoo:
  3. my inlaws are coming for the holidays so dh and i opened our gifts to each other early. we wanted it to be a special "just us" moment. i love my bags! thanks for your kind words. hope you get to open your presents soon.
  4. Lovely.
  5. congratulations! i love your collection there! enjoy christmas with your new speedy!
  6. Congratulations! It's absolutely beautiful!!! Wear her in good health.
    (I got my speedy early too - I just grabbed Santa and brougt him right down to LV!!!) :smile:
  7. So cute! Congrats!! :yahoo:
  8. Congrat's what a nice Xmas gift.
    Can I ask why you opened your Xmas gifts now ?
  9. Congrats ur Azur family is complete
  10. Gorgeous collection! Congrats!
  11. Very nice.. Congrats and enjoy your Christmas gifts... Happy Holidays
  12. congrats
    merry christmas
  13. These are gorgeous! Congrats!
  14. awww..i love your azur family!! congrats!
  15. Gorgeous!! Congrats!!