Just want to say...

  1. ...how much I love my mini bowling bag in black! :yahoo: It's the one bag that I've gone back to over and over again since I purchased it in December. I just :love: it!

    How about making this thread a little "shout out" to the Bbags that you love most (if you can actually choose one)?
  2. Hi SuLi is the mini a very mini size? or is like the first? i am curious
  3. Can we see pix please?

    I know Nanaz likes the mini bowling a lot also.
  4. Yea SuLi please post pic :biggrin:
    I :heart: my black first and my truffe city!!!!!!! I use them all the time and they go with everything :love:
  5. Here's my original thread from when I got the mini bowling bag:


    It's definitely NOT mini...it's much larger than the first. It fits a lot - today, I have my blackberry, phone, LV agenda, umbrella, hand and face lotions, and a book...with room to spare! And, it's a good "tote" size but can go over the shoulder (it does for me and I'm 5'3" around 115).

    But anyway, I would love to hear about other Bbags that people can't seem to get enough of!
  6. I just love your bowler.
    I want the same bag but now I'm on purse ban
  7. i'm so glad u found ur dream style :yahoo:

    mine would be weekender.... have i say it enough in this forum :roflmfao:
  8. I have the mini bowling...it is not mini at all!!!!
    Here are some size comparison pics :
    Bowling and Mini Bowling
    Mini Bowling and City..

    I love the style but i want to sell it because i'm getting a greige city...
    I will buy it in onother color..maybe anthracite?
    DSC01252.JPG DSC01253.JPG DSC01224.JPG DSC01226.JPG
  9. i know! THe mini bowling is not mini... it's my favorite style because it goes over the shoulder and fits so much!!!! but i heard it's not discontinued yeah!!!!
  10. l_b :smile: they're pretty!
  11. 00o0o SuLi - i'm glad you love your bowling!!! oh falling in love again with your b-bags is the best feeling!!!
  12. ^^ i :heart: mine too & will never sell her :tender:
  13. Mini Bowling is the best.:yahoo:
    IMG_2088 (2).JPG
  14. i love the mini bowling too! one thing i've found useful is the deeper inside and outside pockets...in the outside pocket i can fit a cellphone, keys and subway/id cards so i don't have to fish for them inside the bag...(thanks aaa for encouraging me to keep it!)
  15. Wow! Thanks for the size comparison pics next to the city. Its so much bigger than I expected (which is a good thing). Next purchase I plan on joining the mini bowling crew and getting one in french blue. I do love it in the griege, though. Its kinda tempting...