Just want to say tpf'ers are the best...Mokoni rocks!

  1. She sent me a macy's F&F coupon & has been an exceptional person in regard to a crazy eBay mistake that I made. It's good to know that in this day & age there are honest, decent, & kind people. After having to deal with rude people quite often (my DS has autism & ppl will say the meanest things), it is refreshing to see the good in all of us. So, thanks Mokoni!
  2. I second that!:yes:

    One of the TPF girls once sent me a book in the mail just because I was having a bad day!

    I believe the best of the best are on this forum!
    Hooray for TPF'ers!:dothewave:
  3. you are so nice to post this! I can't wait until mokoni reads it, you'll make her day!!!

    yay for TPF
  4. aww i am glad mokoni made your day and i am so sorry you have to deal with mean people often.
  5. Gratitude and kindness make this world a far better place and I can see that many of the TPFers are beautiful people! Visiting this forum is a bright spot in my day.
  6. mean people are the worst! so glad mokoni made you smile. :flowers:

    Tpf is an awesome place!
  7. I have to agree. I think we're all bonded automatically over our love of purses. :smile: I've had a lot of help from some people on here, especially one particular lady from the Fendi forum who helped me get an amazing deal on my first Spy. Everyone's helpful and nice.
  8. I totally agree. The girls here are so great, always helpful and supportive :smile:
  9. Monique is a sweet heart!! :yes:
  10. That is so great! I am glad to hear that the kindness keeps spreading around on this tpf.
  11. I'm so glad Mokoni made your day! I don't know why people feel the need to be mean. It takes more energy to be mean to someone than it takes to be nice. I agree that Mokoni is a sweetheart and the gals on TPF are awesome!
  12. I've always found this subforum to have the most supportive, sweetest people.

    By the way, if you (or anyone here) ever wants a Macy's F&F coupon, let me know - there's a woman I work w/who works PT @ Macy's and can always get them and I am trying to control my spending for a while, so I probably won't be using them for a while (or I could probably get an extra one from her too)!

    Anyway, Mokoni is a sweetie and I'm so glad she brightened your day!
  13. I love this forum all the ladies here are so sweet and kind. It is a warm and inviting place to come!