Just Want To Say Thanks!!!!!

  1. Hi all, I got this bag today from addicted. She was sooooooo GREAT to work with. She even sent me a cute little thank you note. How great is that?? I LOVE THIS FORUM!!!! How cute is this bag?? I cannot wait to wear it. I highly recommend addicted!!!! :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:
  2. That is so cute! :love:
  3. congrats on your new Cerises item~! I have the same one and I love it~!
  4. ooh! VERY NICE!! Love this place too- Never sold a bag in my life till I got here..AND NOW some of my bags have the GREATEST new mommies in the world..instead of collecting dust!!
  5. Congrats on the pochette and the great transaction! Addicted rocks :nuts:
  6. Congrats!!!
  7. Way to go addicted!

    Glad you enjoy your bag and this beats eBay any time IMHO, even tho I still use it! LOL!:lol:
  8. Way to go ladies!:amuse:
  9. Ooo nice purchase, Congrat's
  10. very nice! congrats!
  11. it's very cute. Congrats!
  12. I Love It! Enjoy!
  13. Very pretty pochette! Congrats!!
  14. congratulations, the bag is lovely, enjoy using it!
  15. Aww.. very cute, great purchase !