Just want to say thanks to all the ladies who helped me decide on my black venetia...

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  1. I decided to Keep it after all! yay! I ended up getting an extra 20% off because of the loose stitch (which was only cosmetic and not functional) which brought it down to around $650 U.S. after taxes. I definitely going to keep it for that price as I know that the venetia with black and silver hardware is hard to find, let alone on sale. ( nordstrom has not even put it on sale yet!!)

    Thanks again! I'm off to enjoy my new bag
  2. oh wow! good for you!! I'm glad you decided to keep it, you sound very satisfied with the way everything worked out. Congratulations and enjoy your new Venetia!
  3. We are a good persuasive bunch, aren't we! LOL! Enjoy your new bag.
  4. Congrats! I have the same bag, and you made the right choice! Enjoy it!
  5. Squishydreams, you can take your Venetia to a leather repair expert who can fix/tighten the stitching for you.

    Many stores (Barney's, Nordstrom, Chanel, etc) refer/send their clients/items to Magaret's Factotum Expert Leather Repair for any cleaning/repair services.
    Margaret's Factotum Expert Leather Repair
  6. Congrats on your bag! She's a beauty!

  7. Thank you Bag.Lover! I ended up just tying off the stitch and cutting it. The handle still has one stitch on it still and it is undetectable. fingers crossed that everything else stays in place