just want to make sure you have all seen the TPF keychains

  1. HEY all my coach friends ;) i saw someone else did this in their brand of bag forum and i thought it was a good idea

    in case you havent come across this Twinkle Tink has been nice enough to have TPF Keychains made and they are so cute i ordered mine its on its way to me they are $6 in the US a little more if you are out of the US

    and i think that sooner then later is the best time to email her as she may run out! :smile:

    just wanted to post it here in case you would love one and happened to not see this!:smile:
    xo Bessie


    here is the link with her email address and how to get one! :smile:

  2. I emailed her last friday but it was too late :sad:

    She said she might do another batch if she gets enough requests.
  3. Got mine already, it's really sweet:heart:
  4. omg I love this
  5. Mine finally came today and its soooo cute! Now I'm looking for some kind of clip or hook so I can attach it to any bag quickly. Any ideas?
  6. hey well what i use to move my charms around and keys on and off things (so i can use my cute coin purses with or without my keys and not have to deal with those key rings that aare SO hard to get keys on and off)

    i use binder rings :smile:
    but i use very small ones and they come in cute colors, like for my coach lemon coin purse i use a green one to go with the leaf, and they have red and blue and then classic silver (@ my paper store)

    like these:

    they close VERY securly but are not annoying to open
  7. ^^^
    Thanks, Bessie, have to see if I can get some:smile: