just want to make sure you have all seen the TPF keychains

  1. HEY all my coach friends ;) i saw someone else did this in their brand of bag forum and i thought it was a good idea

    in case you havent come across this Twinkle Tink has been nice enough to have TPF Keychains made and they are so cute i ordered mine its on its way to me they are $6 in the US a little more if you are out of the US

    and i think that sooner then later is the best time to email her as she may run out! :smile:

    just wanted to post it here in case you would love one and happened to not see this!:smile:
    xo Bessie


    here is the link with her email address and how to get one! :smile:

  2. That's pretty cool.
    I've never actually been outside of the Coach forum, so thank you for the link.
  3. I bought one - they are seriously the cutest things ever! Now, I just have to pick out a bag to put it on!
  4. Yes, go for it, everyone!! At present I think she is getting a backorder list together, so the sooner more sign up the sooner that adorable charm can be yours too. :graucho: C'mon...you know you want one ;)
  5. haha sparkles me 2!!! I cant decide where i will put it, if i love it like i think it will i may have to order a few more so no purses feel left out! :smile: hehe

    and PyAri haha you never leave the coach forum thats amazing! :smile: hehe totally loyal!
  6. I got mine last week. They are very cute. I added a little clip onto mine so I can move it easily from bag to bag.
  7. I also bought two. They are so cute!
  8. i have mine on mybag now. always makes me smile!

    yeah, she's backordering now. if you want one, email her and she'll put you on the list.
  9. I have mine on my Coach Trigger Snap Keyfob with all my important keys :yes: I love it!

    ....and I never leave the Coach forum either. LOL. Just not interested in others! :heart:
  10. hehe im a little versitile i go to coach, kooba, SOMETIMES i browse prada never comment hehe ,

    I go to Animalicious cause im an animal freak!
    sometimes deals and steals
    the regular handbag and purse thread SOmetimes! :smile:

    oh and also the celebrity section!! and sometimes TV and sometimes the beauty bar! :smile:

    hehe ok i guess i go lots of places :smile: but not lots of other designer forums just the other stuff!
  11. I have one hanging from my hampton carryall. It is really cute and every tpf girl should have one.:yes:
  12. I have mine on my LV cles ... it's so cute! such a great idea, huh?

  13. I got one a couple of weeks ago. I put it on my keys for now but want to add a clip like krispin41 so I can move it around easily. Sky, I really like it on your cles!! Cute!
  14. ^i put mine on one of those little chain thingys (like the hangtags are on)- so it's really easy to switch it out.
  15. Just ordered 2! Can't wait for them to come in! SUper Cute! :graucho: