Just want to gush a little...

  1. This thread is a little pointless, it's just to celebrate my BV's debut into this world. :shame:

    Some of you may have read that I purchased my first BV, a ferro sloane, way back in July, but not used it yet. I was holding out for two reasons: a) I really wanted this bag to be my new, exciting item for fall, so I was trying my hardest to wait for cold weather and fall clothes, and b) I had an important event coming up and I was really struggling with my weight and self-confidence issues so I needed something major as a reward to keep me on track. This event was a big family obligation that I had to attend much against my will, so I really needed something to make me look forward to it.

    Time to cut to the chase... last week I had to travel to California for so-called event, and I had earned my reward, so I broke out the sloane!!!

    I can't believe what I've been missing. This bag is soooo soft, and soooo light. I've never had a bag that is suede lined yet feather light. It feels and looks equally lovely when on my shoulder and slung in the crook of my elbow. My trip involved spending a few days off in the wilderness and I had brought another bag along so I could spare the BV, but I couldn't bear to part with it. It got thrown around rental cars, under airplane seats, over the river and through the woods, and I just felt like I was in such perfect company the entire time. :tender:

    I seriously fell in love with a bag I had owned for months already. And now I'm so ready for BV #2 :sweatdrop:
  2. congratz again on your Ferro Sloane! i am so happy that you love your bag!

    that's how i used my BVs too. i tossed it everywhere i go and i have to admit i dont take very good care of my BVs but surprisingly they hold their shapes pretty well. with all my abuse, my bags still look sparkling new.
    (except the white one since the color darkens so easily)

    that's why i love BVs, they are so durable, fashionable, subtle, and classy. you can never go wrong with BVs.:tup::tup:

    now bring on the 2nd BV soon so we can all:drool:over it!
  3. Oh.. mundodabolsa, please post some action pics with your lovely BV!:p
    I tried on a Sloane before but it was too bulky to fit under my arm.
  4. I don't own a camera unfortunately, hence the boring posts :sad:
  5. Ahhh that's a lovely tale :love:

    I have the Ferro Sloane as well but haven't used it yet as I was waiting for fall to arrive (mind you, I've only had here a few weeks so far). But your story has inspired me and tomorrow Miss Ferro Sloane will be taking an outing with me :tup:
  6. Ohhh what a lovely journey for a gorgeous bag! Thanks for sharing :smile:
  7. yay!! then you'll have to tell us your "first day" story :tup:
  8. I'm so happy that you are enjoying your Ferro Sloane mundodabolsa. I'm sure it makes it all the more special that you were able to use it as a reward to yourself. BVs are very addicting and they make it very hard to use any other kind of bag! Welcome to the addiction!
  9. Many congratulations:woohoo:.
    Wear it in good health!!!:tup:
  10. Wow you have such amazing self control. Congrats on the debut but congrats more on the iron-clad determination you have to reach goals and to conquer them! They say that the toughest person to win is against yourself and kudos to you on your determination in 1) waiting for fall (very hard) and 2) creating an incentive that is related to self-development or self-oriented goals.
  11. I'm so glad you used it and enjoyed it! This is just the beginning of your BV journey :smile:
  12. So glad you joined the BV gang! Congratulations on your new bag and it is a fitting reward for your resolve.
  13. Kudos on waiting until your goal event to use your sloane!!! You have more self control than I. You will find that your bag gets softer with use, so use that baby every day!!!
  14. What a lovely story, mundodabolsa!

    Congrats on keeping to your goals, and what a fabulous reward to top everything off. :flowers:
  15. What a lovely story. You really earned that bag!!! Such will-power. I wish I was that strong. I cracked out my carmino veneta bag a few weekends ago and it hasn't been back in the bag since. It was meant to be for Christmas. Oops.