Just want to get this off my chest... really long.

  1. So after over a year of trying, I found out I was prego on July 2... the happiest day of my life :yahoo:

    On July 10th I noticed a very faint pinkish spotting on the tissue when I wiped. Then it happened again on July 11th. Being new to this it made me nervous so off to urgent care we went. The didn't do much, only gave me a urine test to detect that I was indeed still pregnant. It happened again once more that night. The next morning I made an emergency appt. with my OBGYN (normally, they don't want to see you until 8 weeks or something like that). So before my appt. yesterday it happened once again. At my appt. he gave me a vaginal ultrasound. He could see the baby but said it was so early. He tried to see a heartbeat, but couldn't due to how early it was? He just kept saying "It's so early, it's so early" as he was looking for one. He said there was no blood up inside of me and things looked good and the baby was high in my uterus which I guess is good thing because if it's a low that may mean something not so good. So I took a bloodtest yesterday to measure my HCG levels and taking another on Saturday to make sure they're going up like they're supposed to be. He didn't put me on bedrest or anything... just told me to keep eating well and taking my prenatals. I guess I'm just really nervous and just wanted to see the heartbeat so I could be reassured. I've been on all my prego forums and they say many times the dr. can't see the heartbeat until the 8th week or so and thats why they wait to schedule appts. until then. But being so emotional right now it's taking me on a rollercoaster. And the little bit of spotting really just worried me... no cramping though. I'm just crossing my fingers, thinking positive thoughts and trying to watch funny shows and stuff like that... Anyone else have any issue with occasional spotting? I'm sorry it's so long guys... but thanks for listening.
  2. Spotting is not unusual in early pregnancy. I bled in the first few weeks; I actually bled so much that I thought I was having a period and therefore I didn't know I was pregnant.
  3. Spotting is not unusual. I had spotting, and was put on bed rest.
  4. Light pink spotting and even moderate cramping is totally normal. The only danger you seem to be in right now is worrying too much. I know exactly how you feel, I have been there and nothing will totally take that worry away. But PLEASE try to relax. Do what your body is asking you to do. Sleep when you are tired, eat when you are hungry and think positive thoughts. Best wishes!
  5. Congratulations!
    Now, just try and relax. Light staining is normal for some women, others really spot, some have nothing. Everyone and every pregnancy is different.
    The best thing you can do for yourself and your baby is just be calm and enjoy this wonderful time in your life.
  6. Congratulations first of all!

    I understand how you are worried,not just because you are spotting but it took you a while to get pregnant, this pregnancy is very precious.

    There is really nothing you can do to stop the bleeding. Your doctor didn't see any bleeding inside of your uterus, around the baby, I think that's the best case scenario in terms of having any spotting/bleeding in early pregnancy. It could be your cervix, or a lot of other things that we just can't tell. I'd suggest that you rest up, put your feet up as much as you can, watch the spotting and make sure it's not getting more frequent or in larger amount. Try not to do too much physical activities. And see what happens. Good luck girl, I am sure everything will be fine!
  7. with my first I spotted all the way to my second trimester

    stay on top of it and communicate with your doc and best of luck on your pregnancy!
  8. Spotting is EXTREMELY common during pregnancy. There's much more blood flow to the cervix when pregnant and there's also more chance of a UTI (which could also explain the spotting). Your OB did the right thing. You can't see a heartbeat until 6 weeks of pregnancy, so he was probably just making sure you had a uterine, and not a tubal pregnancy. No sex until everything resolves. Many women who have spotting/bleeding during pregnancy go on to have normal healthy babies. Good luck and relax...buy a new purse if you have to! And yes...I'm an OB/Gyn!
  9. ^ OT: oh wow now that you said that PMs will probably keep flooding in ;).

    to the OP: I understand you worry - frankly this is just the beginning of a life-long commitment (LOL). seriously, you will never stop worrying, it is natural. now relax and enjoy your pregnancy!
  10. Oh thank you guys so much for the kind words! And I know, worrying only makes it worse. So I'm taking your advice and relaxing... going through all my shows on Tivo that I'm usually too busy to watch :smile: Thanks for everything ladies :smile:
  11. I bled with all of mine-scared me half to death. I have an 18 yr old,11 yr old, and one on the way. You take care and try not to stress. {hugs}
  12. Bleeding is definitely normal - one of my closest friends bled (and not just spotting, but really bleeding) with her second child and she's just fine. And it is very early to find a heartbeat at this time. I'm a chronic worrier too, so I can completely relate to how you're feeling (I took not 1, not 2, but 8 different pregnancy tests with my first daughter b/c I was convinced that the lines weren't getting any darker so my hcg levels must not be rising enough!), but try to relax and as someone else suggested, maybe treat yourself to a little something nice!
  13. Congrats! Don't worry too much!!
  14. I had sixteen days of heavy spotting with my son. He was born healthy and has stayed healthy and grown handsome and smart over the past five years.

    Congratulations on your pregnancy!
  15. Yep, spotting early in pregnancy is very common. I also had spotting and everything turned out fine. Most doctors attribute it to the baby becoming implanted in the lining of your uterus, so it's a good thing. :yes: Think of it as your baby letting you know he's holding on tight!