Just want to be sure about rain and snow....

  1. We're heading into "winter" here in California (though you wouldn't know it lately from the sunny, spring-like weather....) and I just want to be sure on which leathers/skins will do OK in rain. I know my Togo and Chevre bags will be ok but what about the other leathers/skins?

    ......did we already discuss this somewhere?????? :shame:
  2. Shopmom

    While you were shopping up a storm in Italy, HermesGroupie put together a leather book with all info on all the H leathers, the care, the pros, the cons, the waterproof factor etc.

    It's in the reference section.
  3. Clemence seems to do ok in the rain, but I'm really afraid what will happen with street splatter of snow mixed with that heavy duty salt they use. My Birkin may need to hibernate this winter. :shrugs:
  4. YAAY! Thank you WN! I'm on my way to take a look now......
  5. beaumonde,
    my clemence does wonderful in the rain (i wont push it tho!!) but thanks for reminding me about the "airborn" salt from the street snow
  6. shopmom, maybe its time to take the raincoat out!
  7. Would you ladies take an H bag on a ski trip in Europe in December? If so which one? I am contemplating this.....Thx!
  8. LuxChic, Where will you be skiing?
  9. Crans Montana, Switzerland
  10. I am not familiar with this resort, so I had to do a bit of research. It sounds quite H-friendly, but perhaps not over the top? Hmmm...perhaps a souple kelly, trim, or PB for evenings? You should PM LaVan...she always seems to know of the perfect location-specific H bag

    CRANS MONTANA is another of Switzerland’s big, world-famous ski resorts, occupying what is claimed to be the sunniest plateau in the Alps, facing south over the Rhône valley with a spectacular panorama of peaks yawning beyond. Along with Verbier and St Moritz, it’s also one of the glitziest, with what the tourist office like to call the finest shopping in the Alps.
    The skiing, “irretrievably intermediate” according to those in the know, takes second place to the round of wining and dining embarked upon by fashionable aficionados of Crans Montana’s affluent social life – although the resort does have the advantage of access to year-round skiing on the Plaine Morte glacier, way up above 3000m.

    Crans-Montana is charming, sporty, entertaining, culturally mature and trendy. Tasteful ambience amidst the most plentiful Alpine shopping in the world is what characterises the town's chic.

    All the top names in fashion design from France and Italy have boutiques in Crans-Montana, right alongside master clockmakers from Switzerland. After making the most of the day, you can enjoy the colourful night life that electrifies Crans-Montana. A night on the town is the perfect way to end a day in the mountains! (See from the website that LV is listed.)
  11. Thanks SoCal!! Since I will be on the mountain most of the day a souple kelly makes sense for evening...when I will most liekly be out on the town..except of course for a day or 2 of shopping!!
  12. ^ I think a Souple Kelly would be perfect! You can always stash a big plastic bag in the purse if you feel you want the bag to be covered.
  13. Hi LuxChic,
    i would take for daily use a trim in togo,which looks stylish but not too sensitive, and a nice kelly for the evenings,spec events.
  14. Lux, Sounds like such a nice trip!