Just want some opinions please

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  1. #1 Sep 23, 2012
    Last edited: Sep 23, 2012
    This isn't about a bag, but you ladies are really knowledgeable and fair with ebay transactions so I'd like some opinions.

    I purchased a Pravana Smoothout kit from a seller containing shampoo, conditioner, and the smoothing treatment.

    When I got the package, everything was wrapped beautifully, and didnt look damaged or banged up at all. The seller had put the set (which comes in its own bag) in a shoe box, and the items were also wrapped in bubble wrap.

    But when I opened it, the lid on the treatment has a significant crack, it looks sliced open. Its definitely not full anymore, but there is more than half.

    I can post a picture if necessary for you guys to see, I just feel that given the packaging was all so pristine on arrival, I dont see how the lid could have been damaged in transit. I think the seller sent it like this.

    I sent the seller a message as I'm concerned about the product. Many products such as relaxers or hair dye have to be used within a certain amount time after opening. I relayed my concerns to her and she just said she's sorry, and the product is fine as its natural.

    I'm not satisfied with that answer and I strongly believe she sent it to me in that condition.

    Should I just let it go? message her again?

    Thanks everyone :smile:
  2. Did you get a good deal on it, even being half full? I'd let it go, but that's just me.
  3. Here are some pictures, not sure if they're actually attached since im on the android app

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  4. #4 Sep 23, 2012
    Last edited: Sep 23, 2012
    No, I did not get a deal. I actually paid more as its hard to find in my area, I just really wanted the treatment, so dont mind that I paid more, but I want a full, sealed bottle :sad:
  5. A close up

    Attached Files:

  6. It doesn't look like that kind of damage could have happened in transit. If you paid for a full, sealed product, and that's not what you got, and the seller is not being cooperative, I'd file an SNAD claim and ask to return. You might send one more quick message, just to give the seller every opportunity, but then if she still won't budge, I'd file.
  7. Thanks IrisCole. I will message her again. She sells single bottles of the treatment so even if I could just exchange the treatment and keep the shampoo/conditioner I'd be happy

  8. I agree here as well... You paid for all the products to be full & sealed

    I do agree that the seller likely sent it that way especially the way that it
    was wrapped & protected.

    If you seller is being uncooperative after another e-mail, you should file a SNAD...
  9. Hopefully, the seller will contact you and can just trade out another bottle for the one that arrived damaged.

    It's Sunday in the states, so they might not contact you until tomorrow.
  10. I haven't sent a message just yet, waiting to put the kids down. I'll send one shortly and let you guys know how it goes. I hope she cooperates :smile:
  11. If it happened in transit then the inside of the packaging would be gooey from the treatment leaking. If everything is clean and dry then she sent it out cracked.

    Either way, whenever it may have happened, it is the seller's responsibility to give you a product that is as described in the auction.

    I chuckled at the seller's "it's natural so it's fine" claim. Natural products are more likely to go bad, not less. I won't eat a banana after it's been sitting out for a month, but a banana-flavored Laffy Taffy is totally fine. :lol:
  12. Everything was totally pristine, no sign of any leaks, no damage to the box, nothing. Ugh it just sucks she sent it like that :sad:

    Thats exactly why I'm concerned! The fact its natural doesn't mean a thing! And it definitely could be worse haha

    I sent an email so we'll see when she replies. Thanks for being so understanding everyone, I didnt want to come off as mean or paranoid about her sending it out like that
  13. Your seller might be thinking she can get away with shipping a product like that..

    Its simply unacceptable & unprofessional ...

    She should replace it or refund you or give you something else..

    What she did is not nice & don't think she doesn't know it either..
  14. I hope the seller is willing to work with you! It definitely sounds like she sent it out with the crack. Whether she saw the crack or not is another story (I'm hoping she didn't notice it, because if she did that's just wrong). I don't think you're being mean or paranoid at all; I'd be the same way if I were in your shoes. I know how much Pravana stuff costs, and if you paid for full bottles that's what you should have received!
  15. The seller has agreed to exchange it. I've never sent anything back before, any precautions I should take? Should I get signature confirmation?

    Thanks so much everyone :smile: you ladies are awesome!