Just wanna share my new addition...

  1. After admiring at all those gorgeous pics here...I just had to go out there and get my fix too...Okay,here is my new bag that I bought from NM this week...:yahoo:


    Now all I need is a small Chanel wallet to go in there...where oh where is my gift card...:p
  2. Congratulations! :smile: I have a cream e/w lambskin with silver h/w which I love (but have to baby tons)! I'm sure you'll get lots of use out of your new bag in the spring and summer, enjoy it! :smile:

  3. Loves!!
    Congrats!!!shes A Beauty!
  4. That's beautiful! Congrats! Is that the jumbo size?
  5. The perfo looks so pretty in white/cream!
  6. Beautiful. Congrats.
  7. Thanks clk55girl, I wish I can get a jumbo one , but mine is a much smaller size bag(approx 6x10). This is my first small size bag, and I really enjoy it. It is so small and light that when I was carrying it today, I forgot that I have it on my shoulder at times....lol.:sweatdrop:
  8. What a gorgeous color bag!!!! It will be great for the upcoming season. Thanks for sharing the beautiful Chanel pics.
  9. i agree, gorgeous color! thank you for sharing! lovely!:love:
  10. I love this bag for Spring/Summer. I hope to get one as well.

    Great choice. Congrats!
  11. beautiful color!! congrats!!
  12. Thanks Debbie, I got mine from the NM in Stanford Mall/ N.Calif, there were 2 when I was there last Thursday...good luck!
  13. Congrats~!

    That bag is gorgeous and will be absolutely great for spring~!!!!:yahoo:
  14. GORGEOUS!! Congratulations!
  15. That's a gorgeous bag... and the colour is perfect!