Just visited Gryson.com.....GUESS WHAT?!

  1. :yahoo: Hey girls, I just visited Gryson.com and got a happy surprise! It looks like they plan to start selling their bags and amazing shoes :drool: on line! They have a small notice in the lower right hand corner of their home page that says so......you can click on it to be notified when the website retail thing is up and running. The notice says it'll be in Sept. I have read so much on this forum and others about their amazing customer service. I'm sure it'll be a great place to shop!

    I'm trying to decide which color Olivia to get in the Nylon (I have a leather one, and I'm crazy about it) I love them all. It looks like the perfect rainy day bag to me......The nylon bags are still lined in suede:yes: That strikes me as so amazing, a little hidden luxury. An eyecatching surprise for anyone who happens to be gazing admiringly at my bag when I open it! How cool.

    Which color do you think is the prettiest?

  2. That's cool if you could buy from them directly.

    Here is a working link... http://www.gryson.com/

    I like the Riverstone personally. The price is quite high for Nylon but it is a Gryson after all and they know quality.
  3. Thanks for the info!!!
  4. Looks like I should have put that second shot of espresso in my latte after all this morning.....What I was trying to say is that GRYSON will be selling directly from their website soon. Of course Gryson has been sold online by other retailers all along......... I wonder if they will have styles and colors still available from Spring. I missed by chance on the most wonderful Blue Jean Woven Olivia. Funny how some bags stay with you....... Ah the one that got away!!
  5. Thanks for this info! Let's hope they have online sales too...!
  6. I've never heard of Gryson until I read from this forum recently. I then purchased a Gryson Molly in tan color. I love the bag SOOOOO much. It's so classy and the quality of the leather was great. Definitely a great buy for me. Although it's from the Spring 2007 line, I know I will be carrying it all the time.

    Romeolady, I think all those color for Olivia will be fine for the fall season. Indigo and Chocolate are my picks. Good Luck!
  7. Same here - I wanted one of those Blue Jean bags so badly - the woven bag was gorgeous, but I would have settled for the regular leather blue jean (even tho the colors were very different, either one would have made me happy!) - there was one on eBay not too long ago that I lost out by only a few $$ :tdown: I keep watching for another one - one of these days......!
  8. iluvmybags, I have a thought........if GRYSON does have any inventory from Spring that will be available when they start retail sales from their website, I bet the woven bags will go fast. Did you see Jessica Biel in PEOPLE magazine last week in the Style Watch section? She has the woven Olivia in black......Anyway, I am on their mailing list so I'm gonna watch for their email and jump right on it! I surely hope there will be a code, or maybe a reduction for past season inventory. :tup: I figure that the Nylon group is new and will be around through winter. The Blue Jean Woven Olivia (if there are any) will be scarce and coveted by many, especially if there is any reduction in price.That's my current strategy :yes:.

    As for your eBay heartbreak on the Blue Jean GRYSON, it may help you feel less sad to remember that when you are the second highest bidder on an item it always appears that you missed it by just a couple of bucks. In reality you have no way of knowing how high the winner's actual bid really was. It will only appear as one bid increment higher than the second highest bidder (in this case sounds like that was you) and in reality it could be WAY more! Remembering this always makes me feel better anyway.;)
  9. I'm just so excited about this opportunity to buy direct from GRYSON...the more I think about it, the more hyped I get cuz I bet they're going to offer those of us on their mailing list some sort of "Grand Opening" celebration kind of savings!!!:yahoo: What do you think? That's a logical assumption right?...I do hope I'm right!! Anyway with my long list of Gryson gotta haves I'm sure that whatever is offered will be something I'll want to take advantage of!
  10. I'm so lucky that I got my Woven Blue Jean bag from Shoptwigs with a $200 discount because I was going to wait for the Indigo and now I realize I don't like the Indigo as well after all. I wonder if you may see some Grysons showing up on eBay as people sell their last season bag to fund a new one. Gryson has some pretty pretty bags this season. I'm not sure I'm quite done with them. I bought a Chloe and was very very disappointed in it and returning it. I should have gotten a Gryson.
  11. I have heard of Gryson before, but never got into them, I never even looked into their bags until now. They are all gorgeous!! I think I might have found a new obsession.....
    Besides the site soon, where else can you purchase these bags? Saks, NM, Nordies, etc?
  12. Lexie, I know you have several Grysons from the "pocket group" Tate and Skye right? Just wondering what you think of the new styles, Tutu, Beca, Issa Layla etc. They are so different from the relaxed vibe of the other groups. I'm thinking that they will appeal to a whole different kind of girl...or maybe just the same girls looking for a dressier look. What do you think?
  13. I've seen them at Saks, NM and Bloomingdales.
  14. I just got an e-mail from Elux that said they are carrying Gryson bags. You might want to take a look there.
  15. I got my Gryson from Shoptwig but Active Endeavors carry them too and you can use apologies or sorry25 for 25% off.

    Romeo, you're right. I have a Blue Woven Skye, and a Camel Tate, and a black Elissa (that I'm selling due to it being too small for my needs). I am looking at the Nylon bags but I'm not sure about Nylon = price. I never cared for earlier structured Grysons but I am lusting for that Tutu. I think it's gorgeous, and edgy. So far the only bag I went gaga for other than the pocket group (and once you have those...duplicates just seem silly). The Pocket group is so casual looking I think anyone who knows about the Gryson quality would gravitate towards one of these dressier bags maybe.