Just venting.....:-(

  1. :sad2: Just got back from a second dental opin. I need $4900-$7500 worth of work due to a massive infection in my gum. I was on huge doses of avelox and flagyl for 2 wks. My stomach is shot and the meds didnt help.
    Sigh...no insurance, either :sad:
  2. Oh no, Lorri! I'm really sorry, that's awful... do you know how your gums got infected?

    *crossing fingers for you*
  3. oh no :sad:
    feel better soon
  4. hope u get well soon!
  5. Oh, I'm sorry. That's such a large medical bill...OUCH! Hope the bill is on the lower end for you....
  6. Lorri - I am so sorry ... and it's not like you can wait and see type of thing, you need to take care of it asap. I am sure you will find a way to tackle this. Keep us posted!
  7. Oh noooo....I feel so bad for you:sad: ! I really hope that things somehow turn around for you and you can get the work you need taken care of. Stay strong! Sometimes you can be in a situation that looks hopeless and it will suddenly turn around for you. I wish you the best.
  8. :amazed: ohhh no, sorrie to hear that.
  9. :sad: sorry to hear. hope you feel better soon.
  10. thanks all >sniff<
    This is the result of very bad dental work when I was a kid. I broke a front tooth and that was the end of a healthy mouth. I wish I could ignore it but both dentists said the infection wont stop.
    I feel so guilty (go figure) about having to spend the money on myself like that. I feel like I'm taking it away from my family. Funny thing is when Joe bought his new Harley...now we have 2 in the garage and he is in no hurry to sell the old one, I had no problem with him getting it.
  11. OMG you are all so kind and caring. It really means so much to me.
  12. So super sorry to hear. I understand crazy med. bills, was just in your shoes. Just do alot of venting, and take good care of yourself. Feel better soon!
  13. Lorri, of course this work is worth way more than a handbag or a Harley. I don't think your husband or anybody else could disagree. Best wishes for a speedy recovery. That's awful you had such bad dental work done as a kid and now you're paying for it.
  14. That really sucks ...........
  15. Lori, if you're worried about the money aspect, you can always try going to a dental school & having the work done there. My friend is a 3rd year student at dental school & she has her own office/chair in the school. The only difference is the price is cheaper & a professor has to approve all the work she does before she does it. I know it can cost a lot less than a regular dentist.

    It might be worth looking into, especially if it can save you thousands!