just venting & whining

  1. I was up until almost 2 this morning because there were so many things I just had to do--shower, dry hair, give cat medicines, clean litter box, prepare lunch AND dinner for today because I will be at work from 10 am to 9 pm, etc.... And I was exhausted, but I did them. Since I washed my hair & showered last night, however, I knew I could set my alarm a good 30 minutes later and it would do me a world of good. So, about 20 minutes early, when I am OUT, my Mom bursts into my room because I am not up yet! Of course, I was then wide awake and could only lie there awake and miserable, because I could have been sleeping, but clearly that was not going to happen, and I would end up feeling like crap all day. But I couldn't REALLY be mad at my Mom, either, because she didn't know what my schedule was, and she was just being her usual hyper-over-protective self, which won't allow her to LET PEOPLE TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR GETTING THEMSELVES UP!!! So, now, as predicted, I feel like crap, and I still have a boatload of work I have to do, and this is the only place I can complain about it, because my co-workers and students don't want to hear about it, and this is one of the few places I go to online that my mom doesn't visit, so I can take a chance of complaining here without making her feel bad.

  2. Hang in there! :cutesy:
    Have a good lunch and maybe some caffeine:nuts: .
  3. Vent all you need to! Sounds like you could use a couple days off for relaxation, and hopefully that will come soon! Sorry you had such an exhausting night and morning.
  4. I HATE that!
    For about 3 months, when my Kira was a little kitty, it would never fail, about 30 minute prior to my alarm going off, she'd decide to wake up and do gymnastics on my bed. Making sure to use my head and chest as launching boards. If I wasn't such a grump in the morning, it would have been amazingly cute.
  5. My mom did that, too. She didn't know my schedule at the time. But I told my dad my schedule, and then I got to sleep until my alarm went off.
  6. Aww hope your day gets better :flowers:
  7. I'm sorry that you cant sleep in. Have you tried talking to her about it? Maybe she is doing that because she thinks you overslept and doesn't want you to be late.

    I hope everything works out.
  8. Thanks, all. ;) I made it through without, I think, appearing too out of it to anyone.

    On Wednesdays she is used to me being up by 8, and she came in at about 8:09. (I planed to get up about 8:30 or so.) Plus it had started snowing, and she always freaks out when it snows, due to potentially dangerous driving conditions. She is a worrier about that kind of thing. I almost never oversleep, but she is always afraid I will. I guess we all have our hangups.

    Tomorrow I get to sleep in. :yes:
  9. Hang in there, I hope tomorrow will be better.
  10. That's just the way some mothers are I guess... :smile:

    Glad you made it through the day, and you'll get to sleep in tomorrow!!
  11. Hang in there, tomorrow will be a better day!
  12. Awww... hang in there champ! ;)
  13. So glad I don't live at *home* anymore.. 'caus now all I have is my alarm clock to annoy me. :p Dam that work!!! :hysteric:

    ps. .it will get better. Promise!!
  14. I went through that when I lived at home ages ago, so I can relate as well. Hang in there!