Just Venting - Totally Mortified.

  1. I went to the Bicester Outlet Village today to see what I could treat myself to. I was dressed in jeans, high heeled boots a nice jacket and I was carrying my JC Tara. As usual minimum make-up and hair tied back and up as it was windy this morning.

    I treated myself to a pair of boots and a pair of shoes from JC (Kandy black satin evening shoes and Daisy ankle boots in rust bazana) and a handbag and new purse from Celine. I then went into Karen Millen and selected 3 skirts to take into the changing room. Just as I was about to take my jeans off I overheard the SA's talking about me and my purchases - they loudly came to the conclusion that I was on a shopping spree to sell on eBay and this is what people usually do who buy from the high end shops at Bicester!

    I didn't even bother trying the skirts on - at that point I was totally mortified as the shop and dressing area was quite busy - so I gathered myself together along with my shopping bags, left the skirts in the changing room and left the shop with my head held high and back straight with as much dignity as I could muster

    I am so upset and I have no idea why this has bothered me so much - it totally ruined my purchases for me today and I can't believe at 35 I've let these extremely young and rude girls get to me. Now I'm home I really wish I'd asked for the manager to tell her that her floor staff need to be more discreet and keep their opinions to themselves.
  2. That's unacceptable.

    It's still not too late to call and speak to the manager.
    Give her an earful.
    That is unacceptable customer service whether they intended for you to hear or not.
  3. You should call and speak with the manager on the phone. That is unacceptable customer treatment! And I wouldn't have had the gusto to say something then and there but now that you're home, why not?
  4. I would definately call and speak to the manager. I've never heard of anything like this before. :sad:
  5. I wouldn't call and speak to the manager. I find it kind of obnoxious to do so, it's not like they said it to you, and you are no worse for wear because of it. I'm sorry this happened to you, but tit for tat doesn't work.
  6. Oh, I agree with others, please call the store manager and tell them how they made you feel. They should not be rude to you or other customers. I am sure the managers will appreciate hearing your complaint, because they lost your bu$iness.
  7. Wow, sorry that happened to you. Being judgmental may be difficult to control, but discretion shouldn't be.A few years back, I was buying a set of personalized stationery from Crane's (Rockefeller Center in NYC) as a graduation present for a friend. The manager who was helping me select the design was already very impatient and curt. Another customer in the store was excitedly showing her friend an item on a shelf. She had seen the item before in Europe and didn't buy it, and had regrets since. I will admit the customer was loud, but the manager, sitting right in front of me, looked at one of her associates and said "must that woman squeal like a pig?"I was horrified. Whatever her judgments were, couldn't she have waited until I left or out of earshot to say that???
  8. Too bad at that exact moment you didn't proudly walk up to one of those..itches and ask directly for the manager. I would have asked those catty women to repeat what they said right in front of the manager. How appalling!!!
  9. Wow! And to think I've had such good experiences with the SA's at the regular Karen Millen stores...what a shame.

    Is Bicester Village worth visiting anyway? I thought I read that there was a Mulberry outlet and/or a Burberry outlet there. Am I misinformed?
  10. The village is fantastic handbagsrock, a bit dangerous for me as I only live 30 mins drive away lol. Both Mulberry and Burberry are there as well as Dior, Tods, Salvatore Ferragamo and Celine to name but a few.

  11. Ouch.
    You're probably not the only customer this has happened to, either! The manager has a right to know that instead of working, these representatives of their store are gossiping! Calling and leaving a complaint might insure this doesn't happen to someone else & also lets you vent. If you do nothing, they will most likely continue to be catty within earshot of customers.
  12. i hope you call and speak to the STORE MANAGER....not just any manager who happens to be on duty but the one who runs the store...they had no right to make any comments at all
  13. How awful! Good for you for not deciding to get anything after being treated that way. I wouldn't give them my business. There are always other places to shop at.
  14. I disagree. She should most definately call and speak with the manager there's nothing wrong or "obnoxious" about it. Those sa's need to learn that they can't just go around talking about customers like that, and it should be brought to his/her attention immediately. She was going to be a paying customer and they lost her sale.I'm pretty sure the manager would like to know about that.
  15. I also disagree with the person who said don't call the manager.

    More and more these days people who are being paid to do a job, aren't doing it and are acting extremely unprofessionally in their workplace. Were these workers being paid to stand around and gossip loudly within earshot of the customers? It's different if they were whispering on their lunch breaks in a breakroom or something like that, but while "on duty"? I don't think so. And to say something loudly enough that the customer heard, despite being in a loud dressing room, is not acceptable.

    I wish you had asked to speak to the manager in person while you were still there, but definitely call back and give them the date and time you were there, and descriptions of the workers who were talking about you so the manager can hopefully at least say something to them. You might even tell them that you will no longer shop in a store whose workers find this kind of behavior acceptable. You pay good money to buy things and being gossiped about is not something you choose to deal with so you'll take your business elsewhere. Maybe that will do something as well.