Just Venting, Loose screws everyday on the LOVE

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  1. I’m now regretting returning the cuff for the original. The screws loosen a little almost everyday I don’t do anything like stack or treat it roughly. I use my fingernail when I’m out n use the driver at home. I stop when it hesitates like the SA said. I’ve never taken it off since the day the SA put it on me. M husband is disappointed and I’m livid and annoyed. 7k for a bracelet that doesn’t stay put. I love it so much but I’m extremely sad, going to Cartier tomorrow but I’m not putting locktite.. smh. Since yesterday I actually put a piece of tape over the screws to see what happens, still again vibrated meaning screws loose again. I use to wear a sweatband over it while I do domestic chores but I noticed that pressure loosens it right away. I feel hopeless I got a dud.
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    Has anyone used this, it is washable glue (w soap n water) it was recommended to me, to put a tiny bit over the screws, it dries clear and flat. I may try it.
  3. Don't be too upset, you simply got a dud, return it and I assure you with just one you should not have any problems....I can vouch for that...I know how you are feeling though.
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  4. when you say to tighten it "until it hesitates" does that mean you tighten it as much as you can until you can't anymore? because it is recommended that for the first 30 days you tighten it a little more and more everyday until you literally can not budge it anymore. Also I use a real screwdriver. The ones that the store gives you are junk. But if you are still in the return window, I'd definitely exchange for another. Just for your own peace of mind.
  5. Y
    You are seeing screws moving daily? I check mine daily or every other day. Don’t see any movement. Wondering how much movement? Is love tight or loose?
  6. Take your bracelet back to Cartier and have someone in jewelry repair look at it. Don’t use glue to keep the screws in place; that imo is not the solution.
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  7. I totally understand your frustration, it would drive me crazy but it sounds like you have a faulty screw/bracelet. I would take it back to Cartier for an exchange or repair. I wear a JUC, a classic Love with a thin Love 24/7 with no locktite and I’ve never had to tighten the screws not once.
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  8. Is your classic love the old or new screw system? When I wore my love by it self I had no issues whatsoever. But when I added the JUC my love loosened up constantly. Went back to Cartier and they put some Loctite on it and hasn’t loosened up since then.
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  9. I agree with the others....RETURN IT for a perfect bracelet! You shouldn't have to be messing with it as often as you say, especially for that kind of money!
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  10. Return it! This should NOT be happening every day! That's absurd!
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  11. I would not apply any of that glue that you posted. Loc-tite has a jeweler’s strength called purple Loc-tite. It is safe for jewelry screws. You have to buy it online (Amazon) as it is not sold in stores. If you use any strength other than the purple one, you will never get the screws open again. I don’t know why, but the purple Loc-tite comes in a red tube. I have used it. It keeps the screws in place, but you can still unscrew them if you need to. If my bracelet were giving me as much trouble as yours is, I would exchange it for another one.
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  12. Mine is the new screw.
  13. After a month I sent it in, still every week screws startgetting loose, and I’m so livid plus I don’t want to put glue on something I just spent 7k for. (This is absurd)
  14. I’m glad they’re fixing it. I knew I wasn’t imagining things
  15. I’m glad they are fixing it for you! I definitely think you got a dud. I just got my bracelet about a week and a half ago. And I’ve been so paranoid about loose screws. But so far mine haven’t budged. So I’m not sure if I’m just the lucky one or what’s going on.
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